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Tekst behind the arrows

  1. Hello,

    When I look at my blog, I see the arrows to go to te right and the left... But also there are words (in Dtch forward and go back) They stand in the arrow zone.. I dont want that and I dont' know how they got there, they just where... Can you tell me please how to remove that?

    Kind regards, Carola.

  2. I don't read your language. Have you tried posting to this support forum? Nederlands (Dutch):

  3. No, I think Carola did right in posting this here, because it's a mistake in the Dutch version of the theme that needs to be fixed by WP. The nav-previous and nav-next links should be just:
    But in the Dutch version they are
    « Terug
    Volgende »

  4. Thanks Torsten, but I don't agree. I know it's a translation issue, and Carola posted in the Translations forum. If she posted in the Dutch forum, she would have to wait for a Dutch validator to see the problem and correct it, and normally the correction wouldn't go live till 200 changes have been added to the project. But this mistaken translation produces a gross visual side-effect on Autofocus, so it has to be fixed as fast as possible, so the Dutch validator would have to come here and alert Jenia after making the particular correction. By posting here, Carola has expedited the process.

  5. My mistake. I thought you thought, that it was a theme template problem:

    because it's a mistake in the Dutch version of the theme that needs to be fixed by WP.

    If something needs to be fixed by WP it cannot be done by something else and that wasn't correct, we can fix it.

    But you are right. Someone has to validate it and we have to wait for the deployment. Usually done after 200 strings. Now we have to wait for someone who is checking this forum. I don't know if this is really always faster... :)

    Let us add a modlook tag and that should hopefully speed it up a little bit.

    And just a personal sidenote:
    I am missing your theme posts on wpbtips. As a moderator in the German support forum I have often linked to your blog for providing a list of themes which display the author, use excerpt/full content, or social media icons. And of course your Gigya-Shortcode postings ... It is very sad, that you are not updating anymore. It was a great resource!

    Best regards

  6. Thanks for the compliments! If by "updating" you mean the theme lists in particular, it's true I'll never update them again (and you should 'thank' Matt for this). But I still publish new posts from time to time: I recently published a detailed guide to Mixfolio, an intro to CSS editing and a post on the malfunctioning customizer, and my latest post is a significant contribution, I think: a detailed table tutorial.

  7. Just to clarify, you guys are both recommending that the Dutch translations of "«" to "« Terug" and "»" to "Volgende »" should have the "Terug" and "Volgende" words removed in order to fix the display problem with AutoFocus, correct?

  8. Correct, Sheri - check the result on Carola's blog:
    The original strings are just
    & l a q u o ;
    & r a q u o ;
    Turning the HTML entity to HTML entity plus interpretation is not a "translation"!

  9. I am not a dutch validator, so I just can suggest a translation, but this I have done, so you can validate and deploy my translations. There are, like Panos mentioned above, just the copy of the HTML entities without any additions (see links to GlotPress above).

    Best regards

  10. Thanks for the confirmation. Should be fixed now.

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