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Tell me 3 facts about you?

  1. Hey everybody! Lets have some fun! Tell me three random facts about you from the top of your head. And also include your blog link(s). : )

    1.I am an otaku (anime nerd)
    2.My favorite colors are Blue and Purple
    3.I love eeyore because he is so cute : )

    main blog:

    Blog for humor (just started):

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. I was born in Greymouth, New Zealand.
    2. My father fought in WWII
    3. I would love to travel into space


  3. 1-I adore cats.
    2-I am an Empath
    3-I am an expert couch potato. :-)

  4. Whoops, forgot link;
    Defying Leviticus

  5. 1. I live in A Town You've Never Heard Of (TM) in rural Saskatchewan.

    2. I'm a terrible procrastinator, despite the fact that I do daily book reviews.

    3. My dear little sister is now two inches taller than me, which annoys me to no end.

    The Mad Reviewer

  6. @carrieslager. Not Moosejaw is it. I think that's Saskatchewan.

  7. phoenixtearsheal

    1. I've been thinking


    2. I've decided it's a good idea to have all separate blogs each under a different name


    3. I've decided it's a really good idea so I'm going to do it :D

  8. 1) my first language was Walloon

    2) I won first place in Dressage the first time I competed

    3) I have an inexplicable fondness for the music of Britney Spears.

  9. 1. I have a tendency to daydream, a lot.

    2. I have a terrible obsession with collecting stationery & embellishments.

    3. I love Marmite

  10. 1. I own four minature hats
    2. I live above a lingerie shop
    3. I have a hamster called Vladimir

  11. you guys are all very interesting : )

  12. 1. I tend to lie.
    2. I won 9m on the lottery.
    3. I have 5 wives.

  13. @jessielansdel Haha, that's funny. My 'town' is actually a village of less than 400 people. I can pretty much guarantee no one here has ever heard of it.

    Most people wouldn't consider Moosejaw to be rural. It has a population of over 35, 000 according to Wikipedia.

  14. 1. I write a lot of jokes for a decent number of places. They're 80% good.

    2. I'm a giant horror movie fan.

    3. Coke and orange juice with whiskey tastes delicious.

  15. 1. My current bedtime is 4am

    2. My favourite household item is a Klippit

    3. I love iridescent paint

  16. invisiblemikey

    1. Because it happened when I was very young, I don't remember being born. Since perception is reality, I remain unconvinced that I was. There are no pictures, and eyewitness accounts are notoriously unreliable.

    2. Through no conscious intent, I've acquired a reputation for being good at keeping secrets. As a result, more and more people tell theirs to me.

    3. I don't take sugar.

  17. 1. I like men who can and who do cook.

    2. I love kid's art class and I'm the biggest kid in them. ;)

    3. I am a legend in my own mind.

  18. 1. I have a tendency to be clumsy

    2. I love animals

    3. I'm ready to retire and go fishing!

  19. 1. I love pastries and sweets.

    2. The magnolia tree in my backyard started to bloom early this month. We then got a cold spell and the blooms wilted. This made me really sad.

    3. I'm part of my university's A capella club and I love it. I want to take vocal lessons to become a better singer for the club.

  20. 1. I am currently eating the best fudge from a day expedition I took with my daughter yesterday.

    2. I love a good thunderstorm.

    3. I am on my way to fame and fortune. :)

  21. 1. I am currently eating the best fudge from a day expedition I took with my daughter yesterday.

    2. I love a good thunderstorm.

    3. I am on my way to fame and fortune. :)

  22. 1. Never been to Asia. (You can figure out the significance of this one.)
    2. I love all kinds of seafood.
    3. I love bicycling.

    More facts here:
    (Yes, it includes facts about other bloggers too.)

  23. photographyfreestyle

    eeeh lets see

    1. I'm a photo lover

    2. I love the terror movies

    3. i like the weird and strange things

  24. 1. I love pizza
    2. Sloths creep me the hell out
    3. I am a giant brony (Male fan of MLP:FiM)

  25. 1. I LOVE chocolate - and need Lact-aid to eat it...sob

    2. I can play the piano with my eyes closed. Not well, but it can be done.

    3. I am a blog-aholic.

    I bet I would know the random Saskatchewan town mentioned above, carrieslager

  26. 1. I am a huge Equestrian

    2. Im the biggest science and math nerd there is.

    3. I'm an artist

  27. I like weird things Like this
    I adore thunderstorms
    I am my families token eccentric. Lol

  28. Like this then
    If this doesn't work then something is WRONG.

  29. I am very old.

    I write books about Africa in the sixties (1960s).

    I like motorcycles.

  30. (Great topic!)

    I love Tuvan Xhoomie Folk Music

    I am now good friends with the US R&B singer I grew up being a fan of

    I write poetry but study/work in the Dental field

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