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Tell me about your dreams (PG-rated ONLY!)

  1. What are the best, worst, weirdest, funniest dreams you may have had? I had one last night. For some reason I was climbing and abseiling buildings with light red and cyan ropes. When I woke up I was rather refreshed. Tell me about yours!

  2. I was too tired (been sick) to remember any dreams the last few days, but on the fraccy blog, I'm making dreams/wishes come true today...

  3. its difficult for anyone to remember dreams as you dream in your sub concious mind but when you wake up you come back to concious mind and the transition of the dream from the sub concious to the concious mind is mostly overlooked by the brain....

  4. ok i had 20 dreams about the guy i love but i'll only tell the first three

    1.i was at swim practice talking to my friend. i turn around and he's right there. after practice a secret agent guy walks up to us and assigns us a secret mission.
    2.i'm on my mission and he's suddenly there. he's wondering why i left him. i explain to him that i'm on a secret mission and he understnads. then i'm in this pitch black room kung-fu fighting people.
    3.i'm going rock climbing and he's there. he's upset that i left him to go on the mission, so to make it up to him, i invite him and his friends to a huge sleepover im having. at the sleepover, he's running around the basement and my friends are trashing my room. then he is not behaving so good and i warn him that if he doesn't stop he will have to go home. then he protests about going home and continues to run around in my basement.

  5. I guess it's the same dream I've had forever....

    I'm Mr. Rabbit....running with the other animals in the forest
    floppy ears...
    Christmas hat....

    Mr. Rabbit says a moment of realization is worth a lifetime of prayers.

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