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Tell me if I'm way off?

  1. Yo! So i've been struggling to motivate myself to regularly update a blog that no one reads. I was wondering if you vets had any tips on my blog itself (content, layout, etc) as well as general tips on attracting traffic.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Maybe make the name more accesible to search engines. You wouldn't google it unless you specifically knew the blog name, defeating the point surely.

  3. Off the bat, your blog looks great. Certainly not amateur. If I were you,I would start finding other bloggers in that niche. Begin relationships through consisting commenting and trade links for your blog roll with blogs you like best. Also, use outside sources such as Twitter to help promote new plosts. Keep a presence in the forums too. Some bloggers may tell you that you will rarely get traffic from here but personal, I do. Good luck!


    I always love it when people ask this question because that means I didn't write this post for nothing. Enjoy.

  5. yo, thanks for the great tips guys!

  6. seeing something of this site, i don't think many read blogs - theres got to be a TRUE blog site somewhere on the planet,where we can become paperback writers with a following, it sure the hell isn't this one. oi !

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