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Tell me if you like my Poem

  1. I wanted to share a poem titled Away. I would love to read you opinion and comments.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ungabungagirlw

    Hi lifenbits,

    This is my interpretation of your poem, "Away",

    You feel like you are in prison and you are surrounded by people yet isolated. You yearn to be completely alone away from feeling lonely in a sea of people.

    I might be projecting a bit since that's how feel a lot of the times.

    The rhyme is very nice and it flows nicely.

  3. I'm not sure saying I liked it would be appropriate, since it's so sad, but I will say it made me feel sympathy for the person the poem is speaking for.

  4. @ungabungagirlw You got a lot of the feelings inspiring the poem. I'm working abroad and culture is different and I'm out of place. Being an expat brings a lot of difficult feelings.

  5. @invisiblemikey I hear you. "Like" have a positive tone. Transmitting the feeling and letting it out is my purpose.

  6. I agree with what they say above, I won't repeat it. I like to write poetry, too.

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