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    If you’re not in tags there are a number of possible reasons:

    “Someone reported my blog” is not one of those reasons.

    I read them. I am not breaking any of those rules, so my question is, whats the reason my blog is blocked?

    1) I am not a new blog, its 1+ years old.
    2) I use 1 – 4 category’s per post.
    3) Its not unwanted stuff
    4) Its not misleading tags

    Im not breaking anything that, that post on the blog says. is my blog.
    Please tell me why, or fix this or something. :(



    Thanks for asking in the forum. As the forum is staffed by volunteers, I expect you posted in order to get our opinions on the matter.

    Here is mine.

    You are not in tags because tellyworth saw you when you picked your nose and put the booger under the desk. He SO did. You left the webcam on.



    That’s just plain rude.



    Good think I wasn’t drinking anything, rain, or it would have been all over my keyboard! LOL



    Rude? Moi? Good heavens, what makes you say that? After all, ignoring the instructions of staff and kicking up a fuss in the forums when you have already been told not to couldn’t possibly be construed as lowering the bar for behaviour, could it?

    Does anyone else have any suggestions for penguin100cp?



    He put a tack on teacher’s chair. I felt it when I sat down.

    (And that’s why he ain’t gettin’ nuttin’ for Christmas, too)


    His blog seems normal. Not that many tags. And he’s still blocked



    Since he insists on making it public: that blog and several others are run by the people who were behind the spate of “hacked” Club Penguin blogs a while back. They have many blogs and accounts The only reason they’re not blocked entirely and permanently from is that they have convinced hordes of little penguin dupes that they are innocent, and flood the forums, support and blogs with crap when we block them (case in point).

    We are of course logging their activities for the benefit of the police if it comes to that.

    End of discussion. No correspondence will be entered into. Talk to our lawyers if you want a response.

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