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    Is the apperance colour on template default or might be changed, it is free option



    Which theme? The answer varies from theme to theme.

    Which blog? What is the URL?

    This one hasn’t been used since 2006 https://travelblog.wordpress.com/


    I mean free templates is it CSS or something else



    I need to know exactly which site you are referring to in order to answer this question correctly.

    If you provide the URL I can confirm where the site is hosted.

    If you provide the theme being used I can answer whether or not CSS editing is required.



    Are you referring to this site?

    If you are then read what you find on the detailed theme description page here https://wordpress.com/themes/twentythirteen/

    Scroll down to “Custom with Header Images and Colors” and read what you find there for the answer.

    Note: Twenty Thirteen does not have support for custom background image or color because the layout is 100% wide—meaning a background color would not show up on most display sizes.

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