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Template bugs (Blix, Pool)

  1. Hallo, went through all the templates looking for one that would work with one of my sites, and noticed a few things:

    1) Blix -- The pages tabs above display ALL pages, not just top-level pages. Besides showing "Home", "About", and (eg.) "The Simpsons", it would also show "Homer", "Marge" and "Bart", which are sub-pages of "The Simpsons". Rather confusing for visitors. Also, Blix pages have no sidebar; is this intentional?

    2) Pool -- Does not display top page tabs properly in Safari, in addition to the same problem as Blix. Page tabs overlap each other in a nice pile on the left, where just the first tab should be.

    3) WP-Andreas09 -- Page links not differenciated; parent and sub-pages appear on the same level, pages appear in wrong order.

  2. Template "bugs" need to be submitted via the Feedback link within your Dashboard. These though are more you have a different opinion than the theme designer though. I would still submit a feedback to point the items out.

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