Template bugs (Blix, Pool)

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    Hallo, went through all the templates looking for one that would work with one of my sites, and noticed a few things:

    1) Blix — The pages tabs above display ALL pages, not just top-level pages. Besides showing “Home”, “About”, and (eg.) “The Simpsons”, it would also show “Homer”, “Marge” and “Bart”, which are sub-pages of “The Simpsons”. Rather confusing for visitors. Also, Blix pages have no sidebar; is this intentional?

    2) Pool — Does not display top page tabs properly in Safari, in addition to the same problem as Blix. Page tabs overlap each other in a nice pile on the left, where just the first tab should be.

    3) WP-Andreas09 — Page links not differenciated; parent and sub-pages appear on the same level, pages appear in wrong order.



    Template “bugs” need to be submitted via the Feedback link within your Dashboard. These though are more you have a different opinion than the theme designer though. I would still submit a feedback to point the items out.

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