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Template Change + CSS Edit = Ooops! Help!

  1. I changed my theme to Freshy tonight and attempted to do some slight CSS editing in the CSS Stylesheet Editor, but something went wrong and I lost the top header and top nav images. Does anyone know how to fix this or go back to where I was before I attempted any CSS changes? Help! :)

  2. What you need to do is go back to the edit CSS page and there is a link to "view CSS" from the current theme. That is the CSS sheet that was being used before you made changes. Grabbing that sheet will get you back going again if you copy it back into the 'start from sratch area' and copy and paste the original sheet again. Just for reference, it should be here.

    It is referenced somewhere here in the forums that if you edit the CSS sheet, it takes away all the image relative locations. What I had to do was physically call the images paths and that is what I am doing on my site. For instance, instead of:

    background:url(images/headers/header_image2.jpg) center center transparent repeat-y;

    You need to call it as:

    background:url( center center transparent repeat-y;

    I know it is a bit of a pain, but that will get your images back with the CSS sheet that you change. Otherwise, you have to go back to the original theme CSS for it to work!


  3. Here is another simple way of explaining this again!


  4. I grabbed the original CSS sheet and added it back, then tried to change the image paths and nothing. I think I've really screwed this up!

  5. So if you go back and copy this CSS sheet into the CSS sheet (over writing every else in there) and select 'use this and start from scratch) it should go back to what you had (with image locations being wrong).

    Once you can confirm that, then edit the sheet for the absolute paths. I think we can talk you through this one. Of course, make sure you refresh the page so that you don't use the cached CSS sheet.


  6. Ok, I've copied the CSS sheet and selected 'use this and start from scratch'. Then I replaced /images throughout with so I have the absolute paths. It looks like it's coming back in the right direction, but still messed up: I REALLY appreciate your help! Any suggestions on what to do next?

  7. For whatever reason, the entire sheet isn't being accepted. It is adding most of the CSS from that sheet to your page, but not everything. Maybe we should just start over....

    Go back to the edit CSS page and clear out the CSS in the main box so it is empty. Then click on the 'Add to Existing CSS' and get us back to square one. Then maybe we can just add the lines of the CSS sheet that you want changed. Let's just fix that first and report back!


  8. Wow! I cleared it out, clicked 'Add to Existing CSS', saved the stylesheet and it's perfect. I'm not sure I understand how this happened, but it looks great now. Thank you SO much Trent.

  9. Let me summarize!

    1) The CSS upgrade allows you to create your own stylesheet
    2) Upgrading with a few changes will take away the image paths relative to what they used to be which requires you to add the complete URL of where the image was before
    3) If you add the CSS sheet and click the 'add to CSS' instead of 'start over' it will take the present CSS sheet and then add even more CSS over top of it
    4) That made us have to clear the CSS sheet back to the original again so we are really back at square one again.
    5) If you want to make the CSS change (that you started with), post it and let us know what that is and maybe we can get that going for you!


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