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template changing sidebar on "previous" page

  1. when I go to the "previous posts" link, those pages have the sidebar at the bottom of the page instead of the my template is broken or something. On the current page everything is as normal but the older posts pages have ths sidebar moved. Does anyone know why this would be and how I can fix it so the sidebar is in the side (where it ought to be) on all my pages?

    thanks to anyone who knows what's going on.

    (blog is, I'm using wordpress chaoticsoul theme.)

  2. hey thanks guys.

    raincoaster I went through several of the threads listed, one or two mention that this might be the problem but I didn't see any thread which offers a reasonable solution- I'd rather not have to take away every "read more" tag, since many of my posts are image-heavy and long without it.

    have you any idea what I can do to fix the problem?

  3. Set your blog to display only one post on the main page; then click backwards until you find the one causing the problem. Fix that one. You may not have to remove the MORE tag; you may just have to ensure that tags are closed on each side of it. The problem arises when a tag is opened on one side of the MORE and not closed there, but on the other side. That messes up the blog.

  4. You don't have to do away with the more tags, you just have to be careful when using them so that they do not split beginning and ending html tags.

    Give me a link to the actual post that is causing the issue.

  5. GMTA.

    It's kinda boring when nothing major has screwed up, isn't it? We're both pouncing on the same threads!

  6. Yes, I was actually thinking on signing in under another username and posting questions I could then answer.

  7. One thing I noticed was in he top text widget you are using standard break tags between links. I would suggest using the self-closing break tags since they are xhtml compliant.

    <br /> (with the space between the "r" and the "/")

  8. @resonanteye

    Edit your posts and put the more tag on a separate line (make them a separate paragraph). Never put them within a paragraph, blockquote, ordered or unordered list.

  9. thanks, I'm gonna go back through and see which one has the broken tags or misplaced "more". I'll check and switch to the br / tag too.

    thanks again you guys!

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