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template gone

  1. Having a spot of trouble on my blog. I was happily replying to comments when POOF, the template went bye-bye and my blog is suddenly sidebarless. Now, instead of the lovely Dusk theme, it looks like this. Also, I note that my other images seem to be giving me red Xes.

    In possibly-related news, my Incoming Links list has been wiped and replaced by:
    Incoming Links
    Top Posts
    Top Blogs
    Top Posts
    Top Blogs
    Top Blogs
    I got a raise! [this is a link to one of my own posts from a month ago]
    Top Blogs
    Top Posts
    Top Blogs
    Top Posts
    More ยป

  2. My background is all white and wiiiiiide and lots of my blog is at the bottom. And I didn't change anything.

  3. My template is still intact, but I just noticed something which may or may not be related. In comments any link not embedded in text has become inactive, and paragraph formatting has disappeared, causing paragraphs to be smashed together. Apologies if this is a separate problem, but as it appears to have happened at about the same time I thought I'd mention it in this thread.

  4. A few minutes ago I suddenly lost the lay-out of some of my posts and all smilies have disappeared from my comments.

  5. I sent an email to support. I believe in whining loudly. Will let you know what they say.

  6. It's only a few minutes later, but the problems I mentioned seem suddenly to have been fixed. I see raincoster's blog looks normal again too. :)

  7. Just the posts appearing on a wide page with no header.. none of the sidebar widgets or categories.

    Guess there is a glitch and will be rectified soon.

  8. Thanks, growthmadness. That was quick. Hopefully this is a very temporary thing for everyone. Not that my blog is EVER normal...

  9. Also here everything is back to normal. Thanks!

  10. Back in business. Even though I've been out of business. Nevermind.

  11. Sorry about that - it was fixed as quick as possible.

  12. I'd say within 15 minutes is a pretty quick repair time. Thanks!

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