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    Is it possible to delete them?


    What exactly?

    As your name isn’t linked do you have a blog hosted on the wordpress.com site or is it hosted elsewhere and you are using the software provided by wordpress.org?

    If it is the latter then you need to check out the wordpress.org forums.




    The link for self hosted or web hosted blogs is http://wordpress.org/support if your blog falls into that category you can remove template images.

    However, if your blog is a wordpress.com blog you cannot remove template images unless you purchase an upgrade and customize your css.

    Just as an aside – also note that usernames here are not linked to wordpress.com blogs when they have “mature” content or when the wordpress.com blogger chooses not to link for privacy reasons.



    Thanks for the tip.



    you’re welcome ;)



    Just for reference, while you can’t erase the template images, you can override their selection in the CSS. I’m doing that on my webcomic here. While the header image is defined in the head section of the code, I have a different image being loaded as a background image for the header. Since it’s called after the first one, it’s the one being used. (You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t use real examples. I’m on a locked down terminal and can’t pull up page source. One of the reasons why I’m trying to get a laptop currently.)

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