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Template issue.. is this a bug?

  1. My template is automatically alternating between Connections (which is what I have chosen) and WordPress Default theme. Sometimes it mixes up both and removes the header image and aligning all posts to the center.

    What is happening? :( Help!

  2. Please help. this is getting out of hands. :'(

    I made changes to my widgets. Saved changes and they showed up on my blog. When I went back to the sidebar widgets page, the changes were not there. I do them all over again and publish. They dont show up. I make changes and update again and they show up as per the previous change.

  3. I had the widget problem last night, and it drove me insane. Okay, so I could have walked...

    Anyway, I eventually did what I thought was right, signed out, restarted the compy, and checked the blog WITHOUT signing in, so I'd see it as a regular viewer would. Everything was fine.

    Try that. I struggled with it for a couple of hours last night before doing it, and it saved me a great deal of strife. Maybe it'll help you?

  4. I'm noticing that my blog sometimes reverts to an earlier saved version, after I've seen with my own eyes that the changes were displayed properly. This only started happening (that I saw, at least) within the past hour. I'm going to assume it's linked to the vanishing rich text editor thing and the widget thing, just as an operating assumption.

    If the restart thing doesn't work, drop Support a line and wait 24 hours. They're pretty on top of things.

  5. Thanks a lot. I am also going to wait and see. As it is I am tired of navigating up and down wordpress.

  6. I just disabled some theme validation code that might have been responsible for the theme resets. We're looking into the other problems.

  7. Caches between data centers were out-of-sync. Changes made when you were on one data center weren't being synced to other data centers properly. Depending on which server you landed on for each page load, your changes would appear to come and go. They're still there in the DB and should be displaying consistently now. Sorry for the trouble folks.

  8. Thanks for the fix, Ryan. I noticed this one earlier as well.

  9. No it is not fixed yet. I am still waiting for it to fix itself.

  10. This is how my blog is supposed to look

    This is how it looks now and then when there is the bug

  11. I'm seeing number 2 as well.

    Feedback sent.

  12. I've noticed this is happening again today.

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