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    Emergency call. I just read that the template Dusk by Beccary gets an update. I saw the new version, elegant, well-balanced..but I prefer the old one by far. The blue foundation there is less harsh, the black segment less dominating and the rounding at the top gives the image a nice soft touch. It also is the only template in the whole webworld in art nouveau style. It sort of has become my blog trademark. I can’t believe that Dusk is going to be REPLACED by the new Dusk. Please tell me it isn’t so.



    You are not in danger of losing the theme. Retired means the theme remains available in older blogs like yours and mine but not in newly created ones.




    I did a test, and the new temp creates havoc with my lay out. The line spacing gets too wide, and there’s also far too much space between pictures (which I haven’t figured out so far) It would have meant WEEKS of correcting…

    It’s a first rate template however, compliments to the designer(s). I’m going to use it for one blog with news items. There’s one feature that isn’t optimal: the Page numbering. It’s on top, it should be at the end of the first page, otherwise people will forget or not understand there’s more. I’ll leave a message on the News post.

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