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  1. I'm new to wordpress, but I was just wondering if you can change the default templates by adding to them blah blah etc? Or make your own template? Or is the only way to do that with hosting?

    At least they have decent templates here, if thats the case. lol.

  2. No, you can't really customize themes or templates here. At the moment, you have to use what they have provided (most of which are rather nice, IMO). Some of the Themes allow you to customize the Sidebar(s) with "Widgets", but that's the extent of it thus far.

    At the moment, if you want to fully personalize your blog, you'll need your own host.

    Hope that helps. Cheers. =^.^=

  3. Want to personalise the template or add more sidebar widgets, then get your own hosting and put wordpress on it. Yahoo offers a good wordpress package with support.

    Joseph Cheng

  4. Hi I am new to wordpress. I couldn't find theme editor in my page. I have just presentation. when I click that I see new themes but I want to know how to edit my theme.


  5. it doesn't say theme editor, it says sidebar widgets (at least for mine). it should be under the main bar whr presentation is located. try picking a theme and see if anything happens?

  6. Thanks Sulz

    but I don't have sidebar widgets. I don't know why. when I click presentation I can see current theme and available themes only.

    Main bar I have dashboard, write manage, bookmarks, presentation,user,option and import thats all.

  7. don't you have a sub-header (for the lack of a better word) directly underneath the main bar? it would say theme and sidebar widgets... the main bar is like kind of light blue-ish, but the bar underneath it is dark blue, that's whr the theme and sidebar widgets are... do you see/have that?

  8. No I don't have that? why? I click and check everything.

  9. maybe you should send a feedback for that. everybody has that dark blue subheader under the main bar.

  10. Actually, not all themes support sidebar widgets.

  11. hi paradox

    thanks for that tip; didn't realise that. perhaps that's your problem suya... i did suggest you pick a theme and see what happens... maybe you picked a theme without widgets?

  12. I think it would be nice if we could edit templates html, because there are necessary things like: keywords and metatags relative to our blogs content.

  13. Why are they necessary?

  14. proverbs31woman

    I guess that means I can't add statcounter either to my template? I have an account at statcounter for other blogs I own and it's useful to see how they're all progressing in the one view.

  15. proverbs, methods of adding statcounters have been covered many *MANY* times already here in the forums. They're even addressed in the big red sticky at the head of the forums. (ie you can usually add it in as a link with a graphic)

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