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Templates and interface translation

  1. Hello to everyone:
    I hope I'm not repeating something. I was wondering when are you planning to translate the interface and maybe some themes (I think it could be very useful for visitors). Despite widgets allows us to do a bit more of customisation, will we be seeing a translated interface?
    If needed, I will be very pleased to help the great to translate someting, it would be a pleasure.
    Thanks for your great service.

  2. There's been discussed a few times but I've not seen and dates or plans. Of course I don't have access to the inner workings of the WP crew.

  3. I went to When I logged in, I was redirected to its home. Then I click 'rankings', and I can see all the rank, but when I click 'All Items', it say 'Please select a language first.' I can't see any link to select languange in that or previous page. How can I actually translate wordpress?

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