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    Hi, are we able to upload templates created by others to use on a free blog? For example, templates from template monster.


    The blog I need help with is solidfoundationofhope.wordpress.com.



    Unfortunately, no. In order to be able to upload anything (except what is available through wp-admin), you will need to use the wordpress.org software. WordPress.com does not offer FTP services. For more information on uploading, you can check out http://en.support.wordpress.com/themes/adding-new-themes/. To check out the other differences between wordpress.org and wordpress.com, check out http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/.


    Are you a new staff member operating undercover?


    Thank you for the response. But, no, I’m not a staff member. LOL! May I ask why you thought that?


    I didn’t think were a Staff member … lol :D

    I’ve been here answering questions for over 6 years and that’s way longer than most except a very few Staff members have been here.

    Look above … I was addressing @sonjacrocker as she was using a recognizable Staff copy and paste answer. I should know as I have a blog full of copy and paste answers of my own … lol :D

    I’m timethief but logged in under my other username account (same gravatar).


    oh i see… LOL! Sorry, didn’t notice that.


    That’s what I figured … :D … have a great evening.



    No. I am not a staff member. I have recently applied for a position and I thought I would give it a go answering some forum questions (to gain some valuable experience). I thought you might recognize a copy/paste from one of your own answers. lol.


    Welcome aboard and best wishes re: your application. Most questions asked and answered on support forums have been asked and answered many times over. If one answers a lot of questions like I do and doesn’t create a copy and paste they would be risking carpal tunnel … lol :)


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    It is usually polite to give credit where credit is due. It’s fine to copy / paste, but why not mention who you found the information from? Many long time volunteers here do have a “voice” which is recognizable to each other: it makes answers here more personal. If you want to work for WordPress, that is probably something to think about.

    BTW, I am not staff: another long-time volunteer.


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    LOL carpal tunnel: I don’t do much copy / paste unless I am referring to one of your very fine answers and I usually refer to a link. Part of the way these forums are “good” is that they are personal and not rote copy paste answers repeatedly posted.


    good evening to you
    you’re right about credit
    it’s the polite thing to do


    oops! just saw the post from you to me above. I do have arthritis and impending carpal tunnel. Yes, personal answers are good to get but when things are busy what most bloggers asking questions are focused on is getting accurate answers quickly.



    I am so sorry about not giving credit. The only thing I copy pasted was the links. I researched over a dozen answers on just as many websites (gotta love Google) and got many answers. I have done a lot of reading (and learning) this evening.:) I also agree with thistimethisspace. I was trying to get an answer quickly and forgot to put where I got the answer.


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    Oh, sorry, you misunderstood. Your answers, yes you are more organized and efficient than I am, but your answers have a distinctive “voice” which is yours alone, whether cut/paste/stock/filed by topic and used many times. Your talent is that you are a real person, and very efficient at the same time.

    I don’t think any of us (after answering the OP) are in disagreement. We are just saying the same thing in different ways. And constrained by this medium of text. Nothing but good intentions on my part, and apologies that I wasn’t concise.

    Good and accurate answers as soon as possible: agree. But you cannot do it for long unless you invest some personal care into it.


    Can’t use the template from templatemonster on a wp free blog located at .COM but can use and edit the template using wordpress software from .ORG and upload it to one of the suggested host companies. Correct?



    You cannot upload any third party themes into any free hosted WordPress.com blog. There is no FTP access.



    I just saw what you said above and agree with it.

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