Temporarily vanishing jpegs

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    I keep getting irregularities in image postings and am trying to find out what is wrong, or what I may do incorrect.

    Today file ‘George Barbier – 93’ was missing from the webpost, leaving a blank space, not even a white square with a so-called closed icon. When hovering the mouse over the space, it reads the file name.
    After looking it up in the Media Library, the thumb was there. When I returned to the page, the image was back. OK, maybe a matter of slow loading.

    Likewise with a a Kelly Freas image in another post. When I closed my browser and returned to the site, on the frontpage this image was back.

    In this post, a vanished image, but the file name this time shows as a page text line… ‘unknown 166’. I gave it that name, but why does this text appear only here, and not at the other pages where the same open space was featured?

    It’s possible that when readers click the last link, they will see no missing image. It has returned, then. As they usually do. By why do they vanish in the first place? It means that at a given time, a visitor also sees no image.
    On my side, they do not re-appear after a Refresh of the page. I have to close my browser, or simply bide my time.
    I also saw various missing thumbs in the Media Library summary, while the image was fully there in the post.
    Is it a matter of slow loading? Or could there be something enclosed in the image file that makes the file unstable?

    In the Media Library summary the images carry this data info:
    The file type is JPEG
    Dimensions: always kept comfortably within the limits of the template lay-out
    Caption: none
    Description: none
    Link URL. When uploading, I always click NONE to avoid an unwanted extra frame around the image when placed with a wrapped text. When re-opening the Media Library and clicking Show, I see that the Link URL data of an upload is still there. I didn’t forget to delete it, it simply returns, and in all uploads. Fortunately it does not return in the HTML of the text-editor…

    I wondered if I need to click ‘Save All Changes’ for every upload I make. In my opinion, that option is only for when I want to make a correction in a file name after uploading.


    Probably a connection issue. I can see all the images in all three posts you linked to, but some of them load with a delay, because there’s too many of them. You should consider splitting the content:


    “why does this text appear only here, and not at the other pages where the same open space was featured?”

    Probably because you’ve written no alt text in the other cases.


    Since your images seem to be inserted in real size, I would suggest you switch the editor to html and delete the width and height commands after inserting. See here for more:



    Alt text: I noticed it before, but thought nothing of it. Lesson: never think nothing of WP.

    Splitting: yes, posts tend to grow and I’m also averse to (too much) fragmentation. On my pc my pages do not suffer loading like where the image slowly, S…L…O…W…L…Y rolls down, but other users may experience this different, so I better split up.
    I just thought the ‘More’ feature could be inserted only once on a page, and that any repeats simply didn’t work. I realise I never gave it the benefit of a test

    Real size: right, all images wider than 450 pixels I reduce in advance in Irfanview. My upload is permanently set at Full Size. I’ll delete the w + h commands from now on. The last image example in the link you gave certainly looks clearer and sharper than the preceding ones!

    Thanks for the help.


    You’re welcome!

    And you’re right about the more tag: can only be used once in a post. The next-page tag can be used as many times as you like.



    The million dollar question…which ‘next-page’? I see only one and it’s at the bottom and just takes you to a page with preceeding posts.

    Now there’s the ‘Page’ feature, but I don’t want to use that one, it’s not an eye-catcher, as it does not get featured on the homepage. Aside; a Page also has this one-time-only More tag.
    So how do I avoid too many images in one post without having to make too many individual posts (and climbing up to ‘Part 16.529’)? My posts, even if part of a specific series, usually have a sub-theme, a chapter, which I like to finish in one go. That’s what I meant with ‘too fragmentary posts.’


    “how do I avoid too many images in one post without having to make too many individual posts”?

    By using either one of the features explained in the two links I pasted in my first post above.

    “Aside; a Page also has this one-time-only More tag.”

    If the period was supposed to be a question mark, the answer is no: the more tag doesn’t work when you view a single post or a static page.



    -So sorry! I clicked both links, but somehow missed the crystal clear information …yess, exactly what I need (and what I should have used from the very blog beginning)

    Well, !–More– thanks!


    Well, !–More– welcome!

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