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Ten Twenty theme, Gallery List Formatting

  1. Dear CSS Forum Members,

    I have created a WordPress blog at

    The template is Ten Twenty and the home page articles are displayed in gallery mode.

    When the standard Ten Twenty template displays the gallery list, each article listing contains the photo and the first few lines of the article. Additionally, on top of the cell with article’s first sentences is a cell that will say, “This gallery contains 1 photo.”

    The info about the number of photos is irrelevant for my purposes. I was able to get rid of “This gallery contains 1 photo” by inserting the line below into the WordPress Edit CSS function.

    div.format-gallery div.entry-content p em {display:none;

    The question now is how (using the Edit CSS function) do I get rid of that photo information cell so that the cell with first few sentences of the article will be moved up? In other word, I would like to delete the cell or better yet merge the cell hold the place for “This gallery contains 1 photo” with the cell below containing the beginning sentences of the article.

    Any thoughts?

    W Walker

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Would that be ?

    There are only a couple of forum volunteers proficient in CSS so you'll have to be patient.

  3. I've also marked this thread to ask that it be moved to the CSS forum.

  4. Hi, I'm dealing with the same issue on my blog and I was wondering if you would be willing to share the changes to CSS you made to accomplish what you were looking to do?

    From looking at your site, it appears you have been successful, and I was hoping I could take advantage of that :)

  5. @rdendtler
    Please take note that this thread is about the Twenty Ten theme and all CSS editing is theme specific at so the changes walterwalker made to his/her blog are NOT applicable to yours which is wearing the MistyLook theme. Provided you have CSS editing experience and have purchased a CSS editing upgrade then please post your own thread into the CSS Forum by clicking this link >

  6. Timethief,

    Absolutely understand.. I've got a test blog as well, where I"m working on a theme upgrade for my full site.. On the testsite, I'm using the TwentyTen..

    Thanks, I will open a new thread for this.

  7. @rdendtler
    If this is about the Twenty Ten theme then a new thread is not needed. :)

  8. @timethief :)

    The site I'm testing Twenty Ten on now is and once I'm happy with the look, I'll be migrating (OK, re-doing) everything on my main blog site (custom domain)...

    Changing the div tags for format-gallery and format-entry seem to work, but I see what @walterwalker was trying to do and merge the blocks...

    I can get by with what he used, but certainly hope to get a little space back..

    I am also trying to hide the "More Galleries" text that appears at the bottom of the post on the front page. That appears to be related to the tag


    but I'm not certain how to make JUST the "More Galleries" text disappear....

  9. rdebdtkerm

    I have pasted below the html coding I inserted into the Edit CSS box to alter the Twenty Ten theme. Also, I checked the "gallery" option in each post.

    W Walker

    .format-gallery .size-thumbnail img,.category-gallery .size-thumbnail img {
    border:0 solid #fff;

    .home .entry-content p {

    .entry-utility {

    .entry-content p em {

  10. Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for!

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