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    Hi, forum peeps,
    This is my first post. I am trying to modify Benevolence, and have actually completed some changes. I copied the whole existing –I forget what you call it, but Benevolence’s existing code into a word document so that it would spread out and be readable, and then identified some major and simple things right away and successfully changed them. But now I’m down to more particulars. I’m using the W3 schools tutorial recommended on this site to help me. But I don’t find the same elements. Like, Benevolence’s code here uses the term border, but I haven’t found that yet in the W3 schools tutorial. They seem to call the border a p

    I could name more but perhaps I’ve made my point. So the question is, is there perhaps a difference in terminology, or is everything okay and I should just keep doing the W3 tutorials and eventually I’ll run into the same terms used in the code in Benevolence.

    I’m having a lot of trouble with the names of colors–there seem to be a lot of ways to do it and I don’t really know which one is used in the Benevolence code.

    Thank you!



    no, it is all standard, ‘p’ refers to paragraph ‘border’ refers to a border property. If you want to get color codes try http://www.computerhope.com/htmcolor.htm.

    E.g. to change a border color with 2 pixels thickness that has a dashed black (#000000) border the code would be:

    border: 2px #000000 dashed;



    Thinking about it, w3c is great but will take a while. If you dont know what an element is i.e. ‘p’, type ‘p css property’ into google and a load of websites will be listed with the answer. Far quicker!


    Thanks for the help! I am processing the fact that there’s only one terminology. On my blog, there are two bands of color on the right and left. I want to change them to black. If you forced me to name them, I’d call them a border, but there’s no reference to border that I can find in the existing code for Benevolence. I tried finding the section by looking for the dark grey color in the coding, only to find there’s quite a few names for dark grey! So that didn’t help!

    This is my site: http://thewhitelilyblog.wordpress.com/

    My header image is also loading much more slowly than everything else. Is there any code I could put in that made it load faster? This didn’t happen with the theme Ambiru, which I am switching from.

    I looked at the computerhope site, but I’m missing info to use it. Here’s the deal. There’s more than one way, apparently, to refer to colors. What way does Benevolence use, do you know, the rbg way or the hexidecimal way? Thank you!


    That is under body, background. Add the following to your stylesheet edits to change the dark grey to black (#000000).

    body {
    background:#000000 none repeat scroll 0 0;


    its all in stand paragraph


    Here is an online hex to RGB converter: http://www.colorcombo.com/bghex.html


    Here is also a blog with lots of very good information. This link takes you to a category of posts covering color tools: http://onecoolsite.wordpress.com/category/color-tools/


    I found one of my own, too! This site has a palatte, but with the hex numbers printed actually on the colors. It’s here:


    Thanks to everybody! I’m cookin’ now!

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