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Terms of Service - ADS

  1. Hi
    Someone asked and I have no idea the answer soooo
    What is WordPress' terms of service regarding ADS on pages?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is a singel advertising program and if your blog quelifies for WordAds then the split is 50/50 with Aside from WordAds no blogger initiated advertising, retailing or reselling the work or products created or services provided by anyone other than yourself is allowed on free hosted wordpress.COM blogs. E-commerce transactions via shopping carts and the like cannot be conducted on free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM.

    I suggest this reality is a deal breaker for you then you can hire a web host and set up your own self hosted install from

  3. what if you wanted to keep your wordpress page and get ads then? what works best and is free?

  4. You cannot have any blogger initiated advertising on any free hosted blog and any attempt to do that will result in a suspended blog.

    Either your free hosted blog, which must be on it's own domain to be accepted into WordAds is accepted into that single advertising program, or you hire a web host and set up your own install.
    Please read this > and evrything at the links I have posted above.

  5. Ok so let me get this correct....
    If I register this domain name or what not....
    I can then use WORDADS to put ads down?
    Do you pay?
    Or would I become a part of
    I just dont want any complications with my blog taking off

  6. I have no information aside from what you yourself can read at the links I provided.

  7. If you want ads and "free" you could move to blogger who allow to use adsense.

    If you want to stay with wordpress you will have to self-host which when all things are considered generally costs $10 to $25 per month. Given that most bloggers receive less than $100 per year in ad revenue... well, you can do the math.

  8. Well I just registered my domain name and all that comes with it I guess...
    so now what? lol

  9. I plan to make more than $100 a month....

  10. @alandale

    I plan to make more than $100 a month....

    You have to be kidding.

  11. Well my only response is...
    do you know me?
    I've already had requests for ad space....

  12. You cannot do ads here at, and if you bought the "pro upgrade" that does not change any of the rules or restrictions here and that means you still cannot advertise.

    Your only choice here would be to apply for the wordads program and see if you get accepted. You have to have a good solid base of traffic to begin with though.

  13. And I wasn't talking about a $100 per month, I was talking about $100 per YEAR.

  14. Well I am averaging over 240 hits per day the past two
    And I just started the PAGE really....
    So if people pay me 15 bucks at my local cafe and I put a jpg of their business up....the WordPress police comes down? I just ask how they would know who advertisers on here? I see some blogs and I go....mmmmmmmmmm

  15. I get emailed requests for ads every day, despite the fact I pay for an Ads-Off upgrade to keep that stuff off my blog. I am saying this with kindeness. Unless or until your blog has 1500 visitors every day day in and day out, and they are in the youthful demographic group, who will visit blogs that have ads and not use an AdBlocker, and they will click ads and actually purchase something from an advertiser all you have is high hopes.

    Here's a reality check for you:

    Professional Part- and Full-Timers: These bloggers represent 18% of our total group. They are independent bloggers who either use blogging as a way to supplement their income, or consider it their full-time job. Most of these professional bloggers don’t consider blogging their primary source of income. This group primarily blogs about personal musings and technology
    Read more:

  16. They scan, they have ways to find out and if they see ads, your site is suspended. No warning, nothing, just suspended. Depending on the nature of the violation they may or may not give you your site back. Give that you have been told here in the forums, if you still did it, then you might not get it back.

  17. So if people pay me 15 bucks at my local cafe and I put a jpg of their business up....the WordPress police comes down? I just ask how they would know who advertisers on here? I see some blogs and I go....mmmmmmmmmm has been running advertising on our free hosted blogs since 2006. Many bloggers do not know this because despite the fact they ticked the box required to get a free blog, they did not read the ToS. Many also do not read features page, or advertising entry in the support documents after registering their username and blog(s). Also note that as the ads do not display to us when we are logged in, and as many use browsers with ad blockers when logged out, they may not realize they are there at all. The only way to get rid of all advertising on our free hosted blogs is to purchase an annually renewable No-Ads upgrade.

  18. Well see first off I could make $100 a month
    Next thing is...
    I know of sites with 300-500 hits a day that have advertising albeit small
    So if WordAd approves of it then I am all good?
    Got it...
    I still feel a little slighted that they should hold final judgement if we were willing to pay to run ads etc...
    so be it...

  19. For the record...went from 6 to 155 subscribers in less than 2 weeks
    10 hits a day to 240 or so in less than 2 weeks....
    Also have an interview with a HUGE up-and-coming name in the writing industry coming up in a yeah...
    so be it..

  20. Also something here in this thread does not connect
    1. I am told "OMG you need 1,500 hits a day to even be considered for AD placement consideration"
    2. BUT then in the next sentence I am told that people running ads on WordPress make less than $10 a month.
    That makes ZERO sense.
    1. Why would WordPress allow loser sites to run ads if they make $10 a month AT BEST? There is zero logic there.
    2. Why do blog sites NOT on WordPress with 300-500 views a day at BEST make $100-200 a month of off ADS? There is again zero logic there.
    3. Why would a site with 1,500 hits a day (and according to one that's the only way to even consider or be considered for ADS) be selling LESS than $10 a month in ADS???? That would 45,000 views for $10??? Completely non sense.
    If they are smart they'd let me run with this...I could make more than $10 on my first sale if I am "allowed."

  21. Ummm ... for the record we can all see your stats here

    I'm not convinced that you understand that is providing free hosting with no extra bandwidth changes at all - bandwidth here is not a factor. They call the tune and your blog is a free rider begging for inclusion into their WordAds program. Staff make the call as to whether or not any blog is accepted into the WordAds program and that the result is a 50/50 split with

    When thesacredpath speaks he is speaking from experience as he has clients on installs who do run advertising on their self-hosted installs.

  22. So if WordAd approves of it then I am all good? WILL NOT approve of you putting ads on your site hosted here at wordpress.COM. It ISN'T going to happen. Period. End of story.

    I'm not sure how much more clear I can be on that.

  23. Pry open your wallet, hire a web host such as godaddy, bluehost, etc., install the wordpress.ORG software and then advertise to your heart's content.

  24. "OMG you need 1,500 hits a day to even be considered for AD placement consideration"

    Where do you see that stated by either me or thesacredpath? Why are you putting quote marks around words we did not say? I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  25. Sorry, you mentioned wordads and I was thinking just straight advertising.

    With wordads, you have no control over the ads placed on your site, and you cannot put YOUR OWN ads on your site. You are limited to what wordads serves up on your site.

    If you want control over the ads and you want to try to be an ad mogul, then you need to self-host a site.

  26. I didn't say WordPress would allow. So then what WordAd?????
    And so you can "see" my stats?
    Does it see 105 subscribers through Networked? doesn't?
    But not the 1,500-plus hits last week
    and almost 1,600 plus and more this week....
    WordAd allows, but according to some I should have 1,500 hits a make $8.25 a month?
    So how can I keep my page as is AND get ads....through ORG or what????
    These are simple questions....

  27. Oh okay...
    TIMETHIEF "Flagged me?"
    For what?
    I am not going to post ADS unless given permission.....
    I already said that....
    And yes look above to see 1,500 daily was mentioned
    GOD FORBID quotes around a paraphrase.
    Seriously? Grow up.
    As for SACREDPATH....yeah, see I wasn't sure if you could do it on here through a software after permission or if you could transfer it whole to ORG...etc....
    Thanks sir.

  28. So how can I keep my page as is AND get ads....through ORG or what????

    You cannot have any blogger initiated advertising on a free hosted blog. and are completely separate. I have posted this link twice before. Please click and read the information
    To move a blog see >

  29. Can I flag someone for erroneously flagging me?
    I get grand numbers thrown at me with no logic attached...
    and I get "flagged"
    Seriously can I report Timethief?

  30. I flagged this thread to you as a service so Staff will enter this thread and provide a better explanation than either thesacredpath or I can.

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