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    Their noses, their choices.



    For the record…went from 6 to 155 subscribers in less than 2 weeks 10 hits a day to 240 or so in less than 2 weeks….

    That’s not unusual, thanks to the new Follow feature I’ve seen blogs get 1000-2500 followers in just two months. And two weeks is not much of a sample. I have a blog which, over six years, has received as many as 5,000 hits in a week, and as few as 300.

    But the money you make is not determined by the hits you get, it’s from the number of people who click through the ads. Very few people do this. In fact, most people who demand AdSense for their WP.com blogs have actually clicked through ads on other blogs.

    You can advertise the sale of something you’ve created. So you can use your free WP.com blog to sell your book.



    Did you bring the popcorn?



    have actually clicked through ads on other blogs.

    have actually never* clicked through ads on other blogs.

    *this would make more sense to the point I was making.



    Thanks Feartheseeds
    at least you make sense
    I have just had a lot of people say to go that fast up is pretty darn good. I am sure there are others who have done better. This is just based on input. (I am sure Timethief was so much better, smarter, and more creative than I ever was, LOL)….
    But Feartheseeds…thanks again…seriously….made sense…

    TIMETHIEF…I was born in 1970
    and i can outwork you in my sleep

    MY POINT IS, learn to read douchebag
    Why would they determine who can sell and who can’t sell ads if their alleged formula (based on non-Wordpress executive input, makes zero financial sense?)
    But of course you are too busy wanting to “punt me through life”

    Hey go ahead…just be wary of two things:
    1. Publicity is publicity so thanks
    2. Slander is slander so thanks



    @alandale: attacking people who are trying to help, and who are deeply respected in the Forum, is never a good idea. Everything TSP and TT told you was correct. WordPress makes its own rules regarding WordAds, and hasn’t told anyone about them. They’re brand new and still in the beta stage. It’s invitation only. No other advertising is allowed on WP.com blogs. It’s their company, so nothing else matters.

    @TT: looking forwards to WP making these threads in 3D…




    I am tired of people on places like Facebook, here, etc, saying “do not attack” attack these alleged big shots.
    ALL I DID was ask about ads, how to get them, and how I could move off site with same information already intact. GOD FORBID I question the rules.
    But see you actually explained that WORDAds is new. Well see that makes a lot of sense now. So I should listen to a patronizing buffoon who tells me he will “FLAG” me and doesn’t explain until after I respond that he was doing it for my own good? Please….then he threatens to “punt” me around? I have always done anything in the writing and Journalism world at a top notch rate. I won’t let someone hiding on a blog who I never heard about until today act like a bigger shot than he is…..

    You are the first to actually explain things clean. Sure they gave some advice but “1,500 a day!” “$100 a year!” and then I say, “I could make more than $100 a month” and someone who doesn’t know me questions me??? Please. I’d at least ask “oh really, how?” before judging them.

    I want to do this right and I also want to do it strong. My two-week old site is starting to get a lot of respect already…..

    Put that, TT….

    Thanks again Feartheseeds…I look forward to following your work



    Dern keyboard
    “Punt” that….



    I provided the correct answer to your question the first time I posted. thesacredpath provided correct answers as well. We both provided correct answers throughout this thread that you refused to accept. Your sytle is that which compares to a narrcistic little special snowflake, who doesn’t get the fact that it’s just anothe ice cyrystal in a bank of sno blow that doggies pee pee on.



    Dude…timethief….the fact that you resort to generalities and insults of a person’s ability only proves my point…you have none…go get better instead of trying to say I am worse…you have never, will never, and can never surpass me.
    You also can not read.
    YOUR ANSWERS WERE CORRECT….I didn’t say they weren’t.
    MY POINT was that “why can they determine who sells ads, if the alleged formula obviously wasn’t working?”
    ALSO if I was special (you are actually the special one)…why would I INSIST on FOLLOWING THE RULES and DOING IT RIGHT?
    Face the facts…20 plus years in this profession taught me one valuable lesson
    Unless you are actually paid by people to do the work (which I have many times over) you lack credibility.
    Go back to your blog….



    who I never heard about until today

    I think that’s because you’ve only been here a few times. If you click on the “member” link under their respective names you’ll see they’ve been volunteering in the forum for a long, long time. I’m in here maybe once a day, they help dozens every day.

    But they’re adults, and can defend themselves if they want.

    Freebie: the URL attached to your username takes people to the Amazon page for your book. When you leave comments on other blogs, or Follow a blog, you’ll leave the Amazon link behind. If you want people to find your blog you should have your blog URL there instead.



    …I think it’s time to call this thread “resolved” and “closed”.



    Well thanks again
    You make more sense then these guys…
    It’s a simple Catch 22….
    I want to support the book (which is doing pretty good for a Freshman effort) and also the blog through this tour I am doing.
    I think going from 6 to 156 subscribers in 12 days isn’t too bad and the tour has propelled that.
    But I just want a chance to put ads up IF I choose to.
    I had like 3-4 people ask me already to post ADS and I had no idea…..
    It would make me about $120 a month…
    so that’s what I asked.
    Of course the others have to opine about non-related issues…..once again can’t come in big (you disrupt the playground order) lol….
    Seriously thanks again…I would love any input.
    At least you are level headed and not some wanna be big shot.
    A lot of respect your way. Thanks for taking the time.



    Here’s some input: get a WordPress.ORG blog. If you have serious offers that could make you $120 a month from ads, you’re dumb not to. Hosting costs would be $20 and those would be deductable anyway.



    Thanks Raincoaster…
    But could I keep my page as it is? Or would I lose it?
    Appreciate the time you took!



    Just do a search of the forum: you’ll find all the instructions for exporting, and all the information about theme differences between here and there.



    See you last two fellas….that’s what I call helpful.
    Heck technically, even the others were too, but I didn’t ask for their additional input…lol…
    I will look into it
    I look forward to following your blog sir!






    OH! My apologies!



    No worries. Everyone, literally everyone makes that mistake.

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