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    Could someone please help me with the ‘testimonials’ in the Stay theme.
    I am making a page for our rental property and would obviously like to include some of the positive feedback in the testimonials page – like tripadvisor reviews. How do I do it?
    Does the guest have to have a wordpress account in order to leave a review or can I simply copy some reviews over?!
    I would prefer not to have to contact previous guests and ask them to make wordpress account and leave a new review – is there an easier way?

    Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is residencearabesque.wordpress.com.



    Thank you, but I’m not sure I understand exactly. Have read link about adding a certificate/badge to a widget – but not sure how this works with actual reviews – can you embed them like you would a video?
    Sorry TOTALLY new to all this – borderline computer illiterate and trying to learn fast!
    Many thanks.



    I’m sorry but I’m in a real big hurry today as I have company coming for dinner. Another Volunteer will have to help you with this.


    Thank you for your time – I do appreciate it! Enjoy your dinner.



    You’re welcome.


    Anyone anywhere able to advise on this? Still haven’t figured out how to do it.



    You type or copypaste the text yourself, in Testimonials > Add a Testimonial.


    Will that not just make it look like I have written them all? When I try to add them this way it says ‘ posted on xxxx date by residencearabesque’
    I would like them to show that they are written by other people – actual guests and not just added by me!



    a) Testimonials are a type of subpage: other people cannot create pages in your blog. You can publish a page with a suitable title and a contact form where a visitor can submit their opinion, and then you can copypaste it into a testimonial page.

    b) Testimonials aren’t supposed to show as separate pages. You create a page in Pages > Add New, title it “Testimonials” or whatever you see fit, and select the testimonials template for it from the Template pulldown in the Page Attributes module. When you do that, each testimonial will automatically show as a quotation on that page; check the page on the theme demo:


    Thanks – I will try. My internet connection has all but given up on me this evening so I will try again tomorrow.



    People will trust your testimonials if they don’t all read the same. You can see my testimonial page here: http://raincoastermedia.com/testimonials/ and the different voices and styles make it clear these are different people. Where they have a blog or website, I’ve linked to it so the curious can follow through and contact those people directly.


    Thank you raincoaster – reading your testimonials I understand that they sound unique.

    Thank you Justpi – your instructions were far more clear than anything I had read before – I found the page on the theme demo showed the result but not how to get there.

    From what I can figure playing with the stay theme that by creating a page (named testimonials or similar) and setting the testimonials template from the page attributes I can add testimonials one at a time via the ‘add new testimonials’. They then appear on my ‘testimonials’ page, and I can simply say who wrote them which was the initial problem I was trying to overcome.

    I now have one more problem – the testimonials are generally too long so halfway through they finish and are ended with (…) I presumed a reader could click to open up the whole testimonial but I can’t seem to get this to work. I have tried opening my site in other browsers and the same problem occurs. Do I just need to make them shorter (I hope not!), is this a limitation with the ‘stay’ theme or am I just doing something really wrong!

    Many thanks



    You’re welcome.

    a) You say who wrote a testimonial by entering their name in the “Citation” field of the testimonial editor.

    b) No, you aren’t doing anything wrong. The mechanism WP used to display the testimonials on the testimonials page is that of excerpts – same mechanism that is used on the homepage of some themes, for example:
    Auto excerpts on such themes display a fixed number of words, and you click the “read article” link or the title of the post to view the whole post. On the testimonials page of Stay there’s no such link, and that’s correct, for the reason you pointed out in a previous reply: visitors are not supposed to see “posted on xxxx date by residencearabesque”.
    Fortunately, the excerpt mechanism allows you to replace the auto excerpt with a custom excerpt you create. Custom excerpts can be as long as you wish. So, to display long testimonials, paste the text in the Excerpt module of the testimonial editor. If you don’t see that module when you go create or edit a testimonial, click Screen Options (top right) and check “Excerpt” to make the module show up.


    Thank you again Justpi – you explanations are really clear and I appreciate the time you have taken to answer. When you are completely new to wordpress the simplest things can take forever to fix – this was one of the main things I wanted to put on our website and now it works perfectly. There are lots more tweaks to be made but I’m learning all the time. I had no idea I would even be able to put a website together and am really enjoying learning.

    Final question – can anyone recommend a good publication that would assist a newbie to wordpress.com? I appreciate a forum such as this is the most up to date way to ask questions and I find so many useful tutorials on the wordpress.com site but call be old fashioned I really like having a manual/book that I can refer to and make additional notes in, does such exist at the basic level? Thanks



    You’re welcome again.

    a) Maybe you are completely new, but I can assure you that what you asked about isn’t “the simplest things”: Stay is a tricky theme, the official instructions are incomplete (as often), and the excerpt business in particular takes a very experienced user to divine.

    b) Not really. WP changes things all the time, so such a publication will be partially outdated the moment it hits the bookstands.


    That’s what I thought – I realise I will need to keep pestering people via the forum or googling for answers! Thanks.

    So I lied… last question wasn’t final… I have another:

    I know how to add links within the blog or to an external webpage, but I would like to add a link to the citation in the testimonials page – so that it is possible for a reader to see the original source of the review (eg Tripadvisor).
    I can’t seem to link anything in the citation box or manual excerpt box – is it possible or am I being too hopeful?!



    No, you’re not too hopeful. The Excerpt field is just like the Text (=code) editor and like Text widgets: it accepts all valid and allowed code.
    You can create links by using code directly. See this post of mine:
    Or you can create the content in the Visual editor, create the link by using the link button, then switch the editor to Text, select all, copy, paste into the Excerpt module.

    But! If you continue this way, the testimonials page will become too long. you don’t have to use the testimonials template just because the theme happens to include it. You can create a regular page and add the visitors’ opinions to it. This will mean no messing with excerpts, and more flexibility. For instance, you can split the page into a series of numbered pages:
    Or you can eventually create separate pages: create one now for 2013, then create a new one for 2014. etc.


    YEAH!!!! Thank you so much. Your post on useful codes for text widgets is excellent – im going to have a go and some other things now!


    Justpi…So I have now been reading your posts on widgets for wp and am very excited as I wanted to add a weather widget and had no idea how to go about it (never thought I would get excited about code – the thought terrified me a week ago!)
    Reading you post Widgets for wp.com blogs: 5 – weather. I have to use accuweather (other two do not recognize my location -Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt) I have added it to the home third widget area – only it doesn’t display properly and only the links back to the accuweather website are visable. I have tried different sizes but it doesn’t seem to help – any advice?!

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