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    I am the administrator for my office’s internal blog, for which we have chosen to use WordPress. I am supposed to be training users on it but I wanted to see it the way and “editor” would see it rather than an “administrator.” So, I sent an invitation to my personal email address, which has the same beginning ((email redacted)) as my work email address ((email redacted)). I clicked to create an account and used kdbweber as the username, but it told me one already existed under that email ((email redacted)). I don’t remember ever signing up for one before. Now it seems like when I sign in as kdbweber@gmail. with my password (which is NOT the same one I use for the work email/blog), it takes me to the WordPress page with uabcpds as the username and (email redacted) as the contact email. I’m in an eternal loop and can’t get out.
    Blog url: http://uabcpds.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is uabcpds.wordpress.com.



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    Hi there, it looks like an account for kdbweber was created on Nov. 9, but it’s not yet connected to any sites.

    I’ve sent an invitation to the kdbweber account to serve as Editor on the site – you’ll need to accept the invitation to activate it.

    Since you’re going to be using two user accounts for the same site, what I can suggest to make it easier not to get crossed wires is using a different browser for each account. For example, use Firefox for your Editor account and Chrome for your Administrator account, or whatever other combination you like.

    Otherwise, please be sure to log out of one account before logging in with the other.

    Just let me know if you need further assistance.

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