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Text alignment in blogs

  1. I am currently attempting to tidy up my blog, however, it is showing that I have aligned the text in my draft, forexample, to centre or left, but when it is published it does not show as such.

    Is this a technical problem?

    Many thanks.

  2. oh dear, i have no idea.

    Basically, when I click on 'align left' button, it shows in my preview that it has aligned the text to the left. However, in the published version, it is all to the right.

    I'm not very computer literate, I'm afraid.

  3. Perhaps looking at the map out of the icons for the visual rich text editor and their uses will help you. I hope so
    If it doesn't help then please post again and by then someone else may be available to give you a hand. :)

  4. All the text in your blog that I see is aligned to the left. I'm using Firefox; perhaps this could be a browser issue?

  5. I use firefox as well. Maybe it's that my computer's dodgy, who knows??

    Many thanks for your help!

  6. I have annoying troubles with font appearance and alignment when I paste it from Word. What could be the problem and the solution? Thanks in advance-

  7. The problem is created by copying and pasting from Word. The solution is to use icon F when doing so.
    Note that icon F is found after clicking icon 16
    HTH :)

  8. i am new to word press, I have been typing directly to the wordpress editor and having it wrap around the images I import. it looks great until i go to the image preview then it either is in the wrong place or the words do not go as far to the right and things look funky and the images overlap each other a little. I also am having trouble figuring out how to indent paragraphs and still have them look that way on the preview and the text is right on the edge of the image instead of with a little space between it. It looks bad.Is there any way to fix this?

  9. Indenting paragraphs: basically, if it's not standard in your template, it won't happen. There are some hacks you can do like insert a graphic the same colour as the background, but it's really not worth the bother.

    Formatting in blogs is very, very basic. They don't let you futz around with it much.

    What browser are you using to post? Firefox generally gives an accurate preview. Do not really pay attention to the layout in the Write box: it will NEVER be the same as on the page. Always pay attention to the Preview instead.

  10. I use fire fox. is it better to write it in word and do a copy and paste? what about adding images and then the text is right up against teh edge instead of having a space between the two?

  11. It's best to avoid Word if you can:

    If you must, use the 'paste from Word' icon in the advanced toolbar. Doing a copy/paste from Notepad is much, much better.

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