text and images not workng properly HELP!

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    Please disregard the allaboutenfields.wordpress the blog im having issues with is http://www.allaboutenfields.co.nz

    recently when editing a page i hit the enter key the cursor refuses to go to the next line, it merely goes and then immediately returns to where i had hit the enter key from? Now im having images stacking to the right???

    Ive tried to be clever and find solutions or ways around the issue but man o man is it just doing my head in, sadly i am not extremely computer savvy hence why i liked the WordPress format, im new to word press and have only been tinkering for the last four months

    one such page as a way of showing what i mean is http://www.allaboutenfields.co.nz/markings/ note the last three images have stacked to the right yet in the wordpress edit page they are all perfectly aligned to the left of the page and all underneath each other and the text is between the images, rather different from whats happening

    the page initially worked well but as soon as the images were put on the page its turned to custard, im using Nextgen, i have hundreds of images so i would like to get it sorted before i find i have to use another program or set of software.

    please help put me out of my misery :)

    The blog I need help with is allaboutenfields.wordpress.com.


    The post/page editor has a standard width and a standard font, while the width and the font size varies from theme to theme. So what you see in the editor is not what you get on your actual post or page.

    The problem in the page you linked to is that the images are left-aligned, which means that the rest of the content will wrap around the right side of each image. When the accompanying text is shorter than the image, then the next image will also wrap around, giving you that staggered affect. To cancel the wrap-around, you need to switch the editor to HTML and insert this after each image/text pair:
    <br style="clear:both;" />


    hey thanks for the help, but what about the issue when i write text and then hit enter to have a nice space between subject matter or paragraph and the cursor merely returns to the last place it was prior to me hitting the enter key? The only way is to hold down the key and let it go for gold half way down the page, back space to where i want it, start typing only to find the end result is a big bunch of text? or is this a form of word wrap and why now!!!

    But again i very much appreciate your help thank you, im off to see what i can fix.


    I think we have fixed it, im also wondering if it has to do with the manner ive been using both nextgen and the media image editor? as for a while again it would do the silly enter thing, then i went soley with Nextgen and it seems better?

    frustrating as i would have liked text next to the image but with hundreds of images and markings to explain im reluctant to do the <br style=”clear:both;” /> or risk this very annoying saga again, but again thank you very much for your help, its 2.28am here in NZ and i need sleep…… if you ever need help with a Lee Enfield Im so there for you!!!!

    Take care




    ive been using both nextgen and the media image editor

    This blog > http://www.allaboutenfields.co.nz is not a free blog being free hosted by WordPress.com and those are the blog we provide support for on this forum. Will you please post to http://wordpress/ORG/support/ ?
    WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: the Differences


    sorry i thought that wordpress was a community of individuals all using the same software, i was mistaken when i saw “wordpress support” ,im all rather new to this wordpress and i appologise if ive stepped on someones toes, my bad!

    still thanks to panaghiotisadam very appreciated, i will post in the other place from now on!


    You’re welcome. (But timethief is right, and I replied to your question because I didn’t notice your blog is self-hosted.)

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