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Text Appears in Bold

  1. Hi,
    There has been strange behaviors this morning on my site. Some of my posts appear in bold (the post "A™ Madame™ Weebles™ Magnificent™ Birthday™" from the main page), as some of the comments (on this post:
    Thank you for looking into this.
    Le Clown

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Edit the post you linked to, switch the editor to Text (=code), and correct this line:
    <li><strong>You post will be linked back on <em>A Clown on Fire</em>;</li>
    Notice there's an opening strong tag but no corresponding closing tag. You need to paste this where appropriate:

  3. Justpi,
    Thank you for this... But these tags aren't added by me. Since this morning, I had the post attached suddenly becoming bold, the post I published this morning, and all my comments.... I understand and appreciate you helping me correct the HTML, but these strong tags keep on appearing this morning.
    Would you know what causes this, and how I can end this?
    This goes the same for the comments on post There are no strong tags.

  4. Another example is this post:
    If you look at the post from, you will see the content in bold, but if you look at it from, the content is NOT in bold...

  5. Yes I know what causes this,* and I have already shown you how to correct it. I said edit the post you linked to. The post you linked to is this post:
    You need to correct the line I pointed to, the way I suggested.

    * An opening strong tag means "make the text bold from this point on". A closing strong tag means "make the text bold up to this point". When the closing tag is missing, as on that line of your post, you're left with the first command only, so everything on the same page from that point on becomes bold.

  6. And now that you corrected this, I'm seeing there's one more unclosed tag in the same post. You need to delete this from the very end:

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