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  1. I'm not sure if that's what it's called, but I would like to put some text (and images) in a 'box' to make it separate to the rest of the text in my blog. The box will vary depending on how much information I put in there. What are the tags or codes to use to create this box? I'm not talking about the side bar but the main body of the blog. It's like a quote box but I don't like the quote box in my skin (Sandbox) so just want a rectangular frame for the text, a frame whose dimensions I can vary. Thanks for answering.

    An example of this would be the box with the contents on a Wikipedia page.

    Can I use rich text? Eg. If I write the text somewhere else and then copy and paste? I tried it with Invision Board and I copied and pasted a quote (framed on the Invision Board) but it didn't appear the same.

  2. Do you have a blog hosted at If not, you need to be asking at the forums. Formatting is VERY different depending on which of the two kinds of blogs you have.

  3. Yes, I have a blog. I don't think I mean a text box. I mean I want to box some text.

  4. I think I found the solution. I can make a table with just one column.

    I found information here:

    It looks really complicated as I'm not a technical person.

    Is there any easier way? Eg. Find a table I like and copy and paste using the Rich Editor, delete the contents and put my own text in? Is it relatively easy to do HTML editing inside the table? Do I just use the same attributes as normal eg. <font size = " " > font size </font> so long as they stay within the table tags?

    Maybe I should just find a skin whose quote appearance I like. I like Sandbox though and want to stick to it.


    Have you read the thread marked "Read me first" at the top of the forum? I have a strong feeling you're in the wrong help forum.

  6. How do I make a post in a different page? I can only make them on front page at the moment. =[

  7. All blog posts go on the front page, but they all have their own individual pages automatically when you click on the title. As well, check out the difference between a post and a page here:

    Also, in future when you have an issue that's not related to the previous ones, and you do a search and can't find any threads on that subject, start a new thread, don't hijack an existing one.

  8. I have a blog on

  9. I meant I have a blog at Teehee. You're getting me confused. I read the thing on the front page, I don't know what that is supposed to tell me in relation to this table question.

  10. I think raincoaster got out of the wrong side of the bed today. He (unless it's a she) seems really combative. And he assumes that I have a blog at Blogger or Lycos or somewhere. Yeah, I have a blog at these places and I'm asking a question about them on Hahaha.

  11. @bobcat and run on different software. The answers to the same questions are different. As raincoaster wants to give the correct answers she must ascertain whether or not you have a blog you are asking about or if it's a blog with a probem that you are asking about.

  12. Asking is one thing and he asked in a very rude way. I can read and even though my answer wasn't as precise as he expected it was in response to his question about having a blog so he should have understood that I meant, "I have a blog [at].

    Asking is one thing as I said, making it a statement of fact that I have a blog at and making fun of me based on that in another thread is another thing - see the Forums thread.

    I am aware that there are two different systems - I did a search before I asked the question and I came across people asking questions but it's silly to assume everyone whose blog is set on private has got the blog on And also is more general software, not specific for blogs as far as I'm aware (I might be wrong). I've already said I'm not a technical person - I have trouble with basic functions - it would be unlikely I would be doing my blogging at .org when I have .com available with the setup already there.

    I resent his attitude of taking his assumptions and treating them as a fact. He didn't answer my question and just used the thread to be snooty and put me down based on his own mistaken assumptions. I don't recall this to be a forum about insult members who ask for help.

    Thanks for replying Timethief. You have been helpful to me in the past.

  13. Sheesh ... I wish you had just said from the outset:

    I have a "private" hosted blog.

    I hope this answers your question. Only one page in a blog will automatically update with each new post you make. All other pages you create are for static content. They sit outside the structure of the blog and they do not automatically update.

    I do not know it text rich posts from Invision can be posted here. But, you said it didn't work so there's your answer to that question. And I do believe I saw your table/box question being dealt with in another thread.

  14. @bobtailcat
    Please totally ignore what I wrote above. I do not understand what your question or questions are.

  15. I'm confused a bit on your question too. But I think you're asking how to do a table.

    I haven't had any luck with getting tables to work on a consistent basis here. So here's what I did.

    The time I tried it, I was in a lazy mood (so there's probably where my problem is). I used NVu (it a free WYSIWYG HTML editor) to create my table. I open the local file in Firefox. I took a screenshot of the window. I opened up paint and pasted the image in there. I then cropped it. I uploaded the image to photobucket and then linked to it in my blog.

    The post is here so you can see the end result...

  16. Please.

    If you think that was snooty and insulting, do me a favour: go to my blog and leave a comment there. I would enjoy the opportunity to continue our conversation there.

    I was not trying to be insulting here. I was trying to get the information I needed to answer your question. "I have a blog. I have a blog" these are not helpful.

  17. Do you want this on your side bar or on a completely separate page? If you want a page, go to Dashboard > Manage > Pages and make a new page there. If you want it on your sidebar, go to your Presentation area and drag a widget to your sidebar panel, click those three little lines that opens the widget, and place the code in there. Close the widget and then click save. Any text and pictures you want centered, use the code:

    <div align="center">TEXT OR PICTURES</div>

  18. Thanks for the replies. I think I wanted a table or some sort of rectangular frame around text, like a quote box. But as I said, I don't like the quote boxes that come with the skin I use. I want it to appear in the main part of the blog, not the sidebar. I will work on it. Invision board is not the only one which I can try, there are other webpages with a table that might appear as rich text when I copy and paste.

    Well, it seemed you were being snooty Raincoaster when you brought this up in another thread and stated as fact that I had a blog at when I didn't.

    Timethief, I don't know how my information appears to others. I have no idea whether setting the blog on private means that no hint of blog appears. I assumed that a page came up with login details to the private blog which is enough to tell someone that there is a blog but it's a private one.

    If Raincoaster had asked more clearly the first time whether I have a blog at .org or .com, my answer would have been more specific. I assumed he asked whether I have a blog HERE as we are in a forum at .com.

    It's not my problem that others get confused between the two places. I'm not one of those people. He didn't have to get badtempered with me and SHOUT the question, and then go off at me in another thread about my being confused about the two places. He should apologize for assuming things about me and treating his assumptions as FACT.

  19. Please take your comments to the comments section of my blog, or the main blog post section of your own. Personal animus, as you have pointed out, has no place in a technical help forum.

    I used the capitals because it was the fourth time I had had to ask you. You had ignored my previous attempts to ask the question. At least I got your attention.

    You, also, have assumed things about me. These things are factually untrue, and the forum stalwarts know what they are, yet I do not demand that the forum stand still for an apology. I ask only that you take expression of your personal feelings to the blogs, and not to the technical help forum.

  20. Gotta admit that it's also very rude not to answer questions when they're posed at you by someone trying to help you. Something to think about.

    <mod hat time>End of discussion.</mod hat time>

  21. I downloaded windows live writer last night, it looks like i might be able to do some things in/with it, like make tables for my blog. still looking through it though. just a thought to add to the confusion.

    [Comment removed - drmike]

    HER blog though? rocks :)

  22. ;)

  23. I'm sorry if I came across as huffy. I now realize raincoaster was genuine when he asked me the question and was annoyed I didn't answer precisely (I wasn't sure where he was coming from with that question.) I didn't know who raincoaster was. I didn't know he was trying to help me, I thought he was someone who was just picking on members. I am a newbie and I don't know what happens on these forums and who is who. (That's why I made the thread about forum setup elsewhere as this type of forum is alien to me. It is hard to know who is a mod and who isn't one.) And I wasn't trying to be rude when I didn't give him the exact answer he wanted. I assumed he meant a blog at

    Anyway, it's all over. I've answered my own question. I know how to compose tables which is what all of this thread was about. I learned this by studying source codes of webpages that had tables. Reverse engineering. ;)

    For those who are interested:

    This gives you the code tags to make tables. These tables can frame anything you want such as text or images.

    But on WordPress you must include the BORDER tag in the first line or table lines will not show up, just the table contents.

    Eg. <table border="1"> and don't set it to "0" or the lines will be invisible.

    Tags that are optional are CELLPADDING and background color and ALIGN.

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