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Text Box & Author issue on Depo Masthead

  1. I've got two authors (and will have more) for my depo masthead blog.
    1. why won't author names show up?
    2. how do i get my name off top nav/upper text box?
    (i'm administrator, but so is my co-blogger. why is my name the only one there?)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your theme is behaving exactly as it is meant to behave. Some themes display author bylines and some do not. See here for a complete list > In themes where author bylines are not provided by the theme each author can type their name into the top line of the posts they create "by ___ ". You can create a Category for each author's name and they can assign it to all their posts. also supplies some other features that are useful for multi-author blogs. See here >

  3. For more information on the Depo Masthead theme please see here. > and here >

  4. I see that this thread is posted into the CSS Forum but you have not stated whether or not you have purchased the annually renewable the CSS upgrade and are CSS editing this theme or not.

    Will you please clarify?

    If you are CSS editing then be sure to read this article >

  5. To edit the "upper text box", go to Appearance > DePo Options > Author Box Text.

  6. Thank you for the info. I edited the upper text box and also created categories for authors. We really like the depo masthead because it looks like a magazine. so we'll just stick to entering "by..." at the top of posts.
    thanks again!

  7. You're welcome. But... the new text box is a bit redundant, isn't it? In case you didn't try that, you can also eliminate the box altogether by typing a space in it.

  8. @hayleybk
    You're welcome from me. Do note that Depo Masthead is not the only magazine styled theme here at In fact is has none of the extra features other magazine style themes have. Check out this one >

  9. oooh... i like it. will check it out.
    if i change the appearance a few times, it won't be a problem, right?
    thanks for your help!

  10. Your blog has no content yet except test posts so changing themes takes seconds and has no bad consequences. :)

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