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    Hi there!

    Sorry for posting again today! ;) After upgrading to Custom Design the blog looks like this while editing:
    Print Screen
    On the blog itself everything is fine, only on the customize page it looks like that.

    Is this a known problem? What can I do?


    The blog I need help with is myclimbrate.wordpress.com.



    Can you share the url of your custom page?



    The page that is displaying your content awkwardly. On the front end.


    When using the “customize your blog” feature every single page is displaying awkwardly. All the text is in the middle and the blog title is moved to the right – while everything is normal at myclimbrate.wordpress.com.



    Do you have any code in the editor? If not I wonder if it is a bug.


    I do have codes in the editor. I just made a backup of them, deleted all and the page looked the same as before. Seems not to be a problem – so I added my codes again.

    Here’s another print screen: click

    At the moment I solve the problem by having my blog opened in a tab so I can see the changes. It isn’t convenient though and it would be great to see a solution. Thanks!


    PS: Blog title shows correct now since I moved it with a CSS code. All other text is still the same.


    I’m sorry for going on and on – but I don’t think an editor with unsolved issues is worth $30 a year. Can I somehow help you with more information?


    @thearcticchiller, this looks like a bug. Sorry for the trouble! I’m researching the problem, and I will reply back here as soon as I have more information.


    That is very much appreciated. :)


    This issue was reviewed by developers and updated a few days ago. I tested previews using the Book Lite and everything looked good to me after the update. Please try them out again and reply back here if you’re still having any trouble with them.


    No chaos anymore! Well done, thank you very much for looking at the issue. Now I know WordPress.com really does care about their customers. :) Thanks!


    I won’t argue with that. :)

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