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    Could someone help me change the text color from Red through out to Yellow. Not as easy as they say. I will need the code. I tried several times but nothing changes:-(

    The blog I need help with is palaprecision.com.


    Looks like there’s some extra text at the start of your custom CSS right now, and that’s causing you some trouble.

    Please try removing the “*/” from the very beginning here:

    After that, just to make sure, you want to change ALL fonts for everything, even links, to yellow? Are you sure?


    No I just want to change the red to yellow not all of type. can you suggest how i would do that? Our company colors are black yellow and gray.


    I checked http://palaprecision.com/ and I see that post titles are red, as well as some of the links.

    Here is an example to just change the post titles from red to a darker yellow color so you can see it working:

    h2, h2 a, h2 a:visited, h3, h3 a, h3 a:visited {
    	color: #FFD700;

    There are several other spots where the color is set to red though. Here’s how to change all of them at once:

    .postcomments span,
    .postcomments a,
    h2, h2 a, h2 a:visited, h3, h3 a, h3 a:visited,
    a:hover, h3 a:hover,
    h2 a:hover, h3 a:hover,
    .commentmetadata a,
    .rightnav a:hover,
    .leftnav a,
    .leftnav a:hover {
    	color: #FFD700;
    .menu-header ul ul a,
    .menu-header li:hover > a,
    .menu-header ul li.current_page_item > a,
    .menu-header ul li.current-menu-item > a {
    	background-color: #FFD700;

    To figure out what color codes to add, I looked at the original theme stylesheet here:

    And I found all of the spots where the color property was set to “color: #cc0000;” I copied all of the selectors for those, put them into a comma separated list, and made one large rule for them (which you see above).

    If that yellow still looks hard to read, try #DAA520.


    Ok that worked and I ended up changing to black but I don’t know how to change the one tab to Gold, it’s staying red? I really appreciate your help. eveything is good but the tab at the top.

    Thanks JayAnne

    .menu-header ul ul a,
    .menu-header li:hover > a,
    .menu-header ul li.current_page_item > a,
    .menu-header ul li.current-menu-item > a {
    	background-color: #FFD700;

    Oh and the Pala Precision Inc. in gold as well.


    Ok got the home tab Gold now I just need the heading Pala Precision Gold and I’m golden! I can’t thank you enough for your help. I printed off the codes and I’m going to learn it I just wanted us up and running. Thanks so much, if you can just give me the code to change our name to gold.;-)


    Could some one help me to figure out how to change the title of the page (Pala Precision) from black to yellow. Thanks JayAnne



    One way to do this is somerthing like this:

    #header h1 a {
    	color: yellow; /* or use this code instead of yellow #FFFF00 */

    Your original questions wasn’t about this particular change was it? incidentally, if you want all the text to be yellow on your blog then this text does it in one change:

    body {
    	color: yellow;

    Some people might say this is not a good idea a method it is.


    ok I’ll try
    Thanks for responding


    K cool know i just have to get the rest of it to go back to black and i’m good! thanks for your help keep your fingers crossed:-)


    Oh THANK you so much it’s perfect!!! You did a good thing tonight, now i can go to bed:-)

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