Text color changes halfway down the page!

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    Greetings. My blog is at http://masterpeace.wordpress.com/

    I have been building it up this week, after finally learning how to put up photos using flickr.

    During my updating work, I noticed that the text color changes near the bottom of the page. I am using the Connections 1.0 theme, which I like best out of the choices available.

    If you look at the blog, you will see that the last two posts at the bottom of the page inexplicably change from black text to bright blue, which totally throws off the visual continuity. I cannot figure out what has happened to cause this.

    Anyone out there know what I can do to resolve this?

    My email is dunlap31 AT hotmail.com if you wish to reply in person.

    Thanks in advance.



    Look at the last line in the preceeding previous entry you will find the answer. And note your font size changed also.

    <p>The photograph was sent to me by my brother, John, who lives in Jefferson Parish and works in New Orleans. It shows the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet flooding a levee in St. Bernard Parish during Hurricane Katrina. As John wrote, “This picture is scary as hell and I won’t be surprised if it shows up in a few nightmares.”<font size="2" face="Arial" color="navy" />



    Thanks so much for looking into this for me. I have resolved the issue with your help. I figured something in the html code would explain this, but I am very new to html and could not find it. I am still in the cut and paste mode, seeing something in someone else’s code that I like and cutting it into my own stuff in a purely experimental fashion. Sadly, since the font change occurred in the post ABOVE the one I thought was effected, I did not look there.

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