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Text color in comments box

  1. I have tried every single code I can find through my theme css page and using View Source, and none of them alter the text inside the comment box. I managed to change all the other elements, subscription links, etc., but this one eludes me. I'd like to change the color of the box itself as well as the color of the font.

    Using Coraline theme... Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. marianojmiguel

    Try with this :)

    <br /> .highlander-dark #respond #comment-form-comment textarea,<br /> .highlander-dark #respond textarea,<br /> .highlander-dark #comment-form-share-text-padder textarea, {<br /> color:#yourdesiredcolor !important;<br /> }<br />

  3. marianojmiguel

    To change the background color of the box try this one:

    <br /> .highlander-dark #respond #comment-form-comment,<br /> .highlander-dark #comment-form-share-text-padder {<br /> background:#yourbackgroundcolor !important;<br /> }<br />

  4. Thanks, marianojmiguel! Both of those worked :)

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