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    I use twenty-eight thireen.

    this is a problem that just started and it is simply maddening.

    All the text on my blog is gray, not black – I had started highlighting some text in red and it changed the whole blog. No matter what I do, it remains gray. I tried changing everything to black, but it doesn’t make any difference!

    The blog I need help with is bridge2somewhere.wordpress.com.


    well, most of it is gray. seems totally random. I’ve searched the forums, but I’m not finding this specific problem solved. I tried changing the code and that doesn’t help. even though I change it, it doesn’t take. sorry if this turns out to be a redundant question…

    thanks for your help.


    Which text are you talking about? Regular text in 2813 is grey unless you manually change it (as you’ve done in your latest post).


    Ok, well, I’ll try it again and if it won’t stay changed, will learn to love it. I didn’t realize that the default text color is gray.

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