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text colour

  1. caledoniansnooker

    I don't have the second line of icons available on my page editor.

    I can't underline select text colour etc.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to your blog, starting with http, and also the information about whether you're using the text (HTML) editor or the visual editor, the one that looks like Word.

  3. caledoniansnooker

    I'm using the visual editor.

  4. Look here:

    Attention to #15, also called the kitchen sink.

  5. caledoniansnooker

    I did tess, that's how I know that I do not have the second line of icons

  6. caledoniansnooker

    got it! I just pressed no 15 and up they came! Thanks for all your replies.

  7. Ah, sorry. Guess I should have said, "click on #15" so it would have been more understandable.

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