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  1. The text colour isn't right yet. Matt Wiebe wrote that the problem is solved, but not with my Blog. The text colour used to be white but is in some places still black, unreadable. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Ronald,

    Your theme is retired, which means it's not currently being actively supported and some newer features might not work as well on it, or could cause some problems for you. I recommend that you update to a newer, supported theme that you like just as well.

    Here are some examples of simple, two-column themes similar to the one that you're using that you might like:

    You can browse all themes here:

  3. Thank for your answer. It would have been better if you announce something like this. In november 2012 I paid 30 dollar for one year custom background colour.

    I changed the backgroundcolour to make the text visible again.

    Does retired mean that the blog will dissapear? When I change it to another theme all the old blogmessages wil not be good. It is an archive too. Thank you.

  4. Hi Ronald - Your Custom Design upgrade will remain if you switch themes, and you can then use it to adjust colors, fonts, etc. on the new theme as well.

    Be assured that your blog will not ever disappear unless you delete it. Your theme is simply a way of displaying your content, but changes to your theme do not change or delete any of your content. If you switch themes, none of your archives or comments or anything will go away. Everything will be just as it was, only with a new template applied.

    The only exception is that your widgets will likely need to be set up again, because themes have different ways of displaying them. If you're concerned about this, before switching your theme, go here and drag all of your widgets into the "Inactive Widgets" area at the bottom:

    They'll be saved there with their settings, and then you can simply drag them back into the sidebar of the new theme.

    However, you do not have to change your theme just because it's retired. You're welcome to continue using it, but just be aware that some newer features might not work as well for you. If you want to try out how a new theme will look, you can preview any theme without actually switching to it by going to Appearance->Themes in your Dashboard and clicking Live Preview below any theme:

    Let me know if you have further questions about this!

  5. Thanks for your answer Urello. I changed to Fontfolio. Was easyer then I thought. Two things: links don't have another colour or light up when you point at them. The other thing I mentioned already in januari this year: photos wich are made 1200 pix wide by me and automatically made smaller (700 pix) by WordPress become a little unsharp. When you click on them they are good. Maby you know more about that, couldn't be solved in januari. Thank you for you support.

  6. Hi Ronald - Excellent! Looks great. For the links, you can go to Appearance->Customize->Colors and set a different color for the "Links & Accents" field (the top-right color circle). If that doesn't do what you want, let me know in more detail how you'd like your links to look. I might be able to help you figure out the CSS for it.

    I'm checking about the image sharpness you reported to see if there's a status update there.

  7. Hi Eurello. Thank you. I found out that the links have the same colour as the colour I chose: gray. But it is possible to change the textclour in a message. I have to think about this.

    The shapness of photos maximum size with this theme (788 pix) has a problem too, 700 pix wide is good. I wonder why this appears. Other websites don't have this I think.

    (I don't know the technique behind CSS, so I stay away of that)

  8. Hi Ronald - You can pick a different color for the links & accents only and leave your fonts gray if you like.

    If you'd like to link me to a specific example of the image issue, I'd be happy to take a look at that - I see your landscape-oriented photos here are 788, for example, and they look sharp:

  9. Hi Eurello, thank you. In januari this year, after it appeared, I changed the way of uploading photos, for the photos that I want to show large as well (so not all, the StreetLife series not) I upload 2 sizes, one of 700 (for the former theme) and one of 1200 where I link to.

    In this message of 2011 and last year (about a bridge) you see that after Update 05 all the landscape size photos (with this theme made 788 wide by WordPress, the original is 1200 wide) are a litte unscharp, when you click on them they are sharp, the portrait size photos are all sharp they have the real size. I dont understand this.

    Here to see:

    I changed the background colour as you can see, the links are more visable, mabe I leave it this way. But I couldn't find a way to change the link colour, fonts and links change together, isn't it? Thank you.

  10. Hi Ronald - Hmm, I kind of see what you mean. The theme is resizing the bottom ones to constrain them in its 788px wide theme content limit, and they do look a bit less sharp that way. But since they're different images, it's difficult to see, and I wasn't able to reproduce this on a test site with the same theme. Here's what I tried:

    1. I uploaded a very large image and the theme displayed it at 788px. 2. I resized the same image to 788px and then upload it and inserted it below the first one.

    The two images looked the same. Can you do a test post with one of your images and try that? See if there's any difference in appearance.

  11. Thank you, Eurello, I will do a test and send it to you. But later this week, have some work to do.

  12. Hi Eurello, My blog is not visible at all at the moment ? Can you look at this, thank you.

  13. Hi Ronald - Your site is displaying properly on my end. Are you still having this problem? If so, can you please clear your browser cache and try again:

  14. Hi Eurello, it's solved, thank you. Will send you a test about the unsharpness later this week.

  15. fabianapsimoes

    Thank you, Ronald - Please let us know how it goes with the test :)

    If there's anything else we can help with, just drop us a line here.

  16. Hi, did a test. Under 750 wide photos are sharp. The test is here: Thumbnails have unscharpness too. Tried some changes with media settings, but did not see results.

    Saw the unsharpnessproblem on other blogs (and forummessages) too, but not everywhere, so maybe it's the bandwith of this free theme.

    Somebody who knows more about websites then myself showed me these links of WP, but I dont work with downloads, so I dont know if I can use these: (this is exactly the problem).

    My question to you is: does a premium paid website has this problem too, because in the future it is possible that I change my 3 websites into 1.

    Thank you.

  17. fabianapsimoes

    Hi Ronald - Yep, we do see what you mean!

    To make sure your site's layout never break, images in your posts are always downsized to the width of your theme's content area. Unfortunately, this causes them to lose some quality.

    Somebody who knows more about websites then myself showed me these links of WP, but I dont work with downloads, so I dont know if I can use these: (this is exactly the problem).

    Those are plugins for self-hosted sites. For security reasons, we don't allow plugins on You can find out more about this topic here:

    My tip would be to resize your images prior to uploading, using an Image Editor. This way you won't rely on browser rendering to make sure your images look good :)

    Here are some tips from fellow users on this matter:

    My question to you is: does a premium paid website has this problem too, because in the future it is possible that I change my 3 websites into 1.

    I'm afraid not. Your images will still be resized to fit your theme, even if you have a Premium upgrade or a Premium theme.

    I hope this helps, Ronald! If you have any questions, just let me know.

  18. Thank you, I will come back on this next week.

  19. Thank you. I resize photos now in 2 sizes, then it's good (till 750 wide). The problem lies in a lot of of photos I made before 2013 and in the tumbnails. It is strange to me that not all blogs have the unsharpness.

    What I saw is that the same photos which are unsharp in WP are sharp in Google Image Search.

    Maybe, I find a solution later.

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