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Text colouring awry

  1. I choose template 'Solipsus' for an extra blog. All text is made up in standard front colour dark grey. But italic words come out in white and bold shows in light grey, quite nasty. Is this a build-in feature of 'Solipsus'?

  2. sorry, standard front colour = standard font colour.

  3. ...and for the zillionth time I forget the link:

  4. That is how the theme author designed things. If you hate them enough to spend $15, you can change them with the CSS upgrade. I agree the bolding looks awful, but the white italics don't bother me at all.

  5. Thanks ellaella. Instead of spending a hefty 15 bucks, I'll simply switch to another template...

  6. You're welcome. I'd do the same thing, in your shoes. Happy blogging.

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