text-decoration property that gets applied inconsistently

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    Okay, this is baffling. Can anyone explain why this is happening? Here’s my custom CSS for the “selected” class of the a tag, used in my menu navigation system:

    a.selected {

    What I noticed is every property above gets applied consistently except for text-decoration. text-decoration gets applied only on the home page, where the selected anchor is inside a DIV id=”sidebar” (it is part of a text widget). On every other page, it doesn’t get applied.

    I also noticed that I can force the text-decoration manually by giving the anchor the style=”text-decoration:none;” property, but that’s a pain, and I shouldn’t have to do this with global style sheets in effect.

    Any ideas for why this is happening? I’m using the Journalist 1.9 theme.

    The blog I need help with is areyoutargeted.com.


    By the way, I just tried adding a new CSS specification:

    a.undecorated {

    and trying to classify anchors in my menu as “undecorated”. This doesn’t work either, except on the home page. So this problem is not tied to the name of the class.



    it seems you fixed your problem?


    It’s not working in Safari 4.0, my preferred browser. I’m actually having a couple of problems with Safari.

    Does it work in your browser, and if so, which browser is it?


    Also, I just checked this, I’m having this problem in Firefox 3.5.



    Well, I don’t see the problem… that’s why I asked. Currently I’m using Flock on Windows. When I get home (I use a Mac at home) I’ll check it out in Safari and Firefox/Flock.



    would you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? I am probably missing something but I don’t see the link behavior you’re talking about.


    Image 1: perfect.

    Image 2: that pesky underline text decoration.

    This is under Safari 4.0.



    add the “!important” rule to your “text-decoration” property of the “.selected” selector, so it looks like this:

    text-decoration:none !important;

    Fixed! Thank you.

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