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    I created a new blog, deleted the generic tag line and created a new one and saved the change. But the new tag line does not show up on my blog. I tried it without punctuation and with alternate punctuation. Still nothing. Anybody know how to solve this problem?


    Are you selecting your new tag line when typing the entry? Meaning you scroll down on the page that you’re typing, and click the box next to the category you want for that entry?


    I’m doing this in settings. I type the new text to the box marked tagline and then click “Save Changes.” When my go to my blog page, there’s no tagline.



    If you’re talking about the blog linked to your name, that theme does not display the tag line. Several don’t. The administrative panel is the same for all of us, though.

    If you definitely want it to display, leave it in the tagline text box then preview other themes in Design to find one you like.


    I’m talking about the blog here: http://newscourier.wordpress.com/
    I’m using Rubric as a theme. It had generic wordpress tag line at first that showed up. It disappeared when I changed it.



    Ah, Rubric. I remembered a thread I was actually able to find.




    Sounds like fodder for a feedback to Staff on Monday. Rubric is a clean, literary theme that rather obviously accommodates a tagline…only there is none!


    After reading the thread posted by ellaella, am I to understand that despite the fact there was a generic wordpress tagline on the page when I started this blog, it is designed to disappear when it’s changed? That can’t be right. If it was there at the start there must be some way to make it reappear. Does anyone have a tagline in Rubric? If so, how did you do it?

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