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    I’m stuck in the visual editing mode, and the text editing option I had in December and earlier, is gone. I normally write in my own html, but that doesn’t happen. I see the interface changed since I last entered a post, and in general it seems much restricted.

    The text entry in the optional title field isn’t working ,– on Linux (Firefox — no add ons), or Mac OS (Safari). Nor does the text entry in the tags field work.

    The option to place images in custom location.

    The blog I need help with is unbiasedeye.com.



    Why don’t you just use the Text editor instead of the Visual editor?


    Because I no longer have that option. There used to be two tabs at the top of the editing window, now I have none. Trust me, if I could “use” the text editor I would. I do not see where I have that option.

    The one window I get is a visual window.

    Plus, I cannot put in a title in the title field, nor can I put in tags in the tags field. The cursor appears in those fields, but keystrokes are not picked up.

    Plus, I cannot choose the layout of images. They are plunked into the post as centered images.

    I couldn’t find a setting that gives me these choices back. If you can tell me where, great. The posting interface seems to have changed in the last few weeks. I had not posted or logged in since before Christmas and I don’t see any explanation.


    I found away around this problem. In the past, there was a button to start a new post right after signing in, and that gave me an editiing window with mode options. That button was replaced by a different button, not exactly a giant leap forward for mankind but it’s ok with me, except that it did not give me the same tabs. When I went to put in a title, I hit the spacebar first and the cursor failed to advance. Silly me. I should have known to type characters first. Finally, when I inserted the picture with this new and improved option, I had no choice about placement.

    The solution was to ignore that giant button at the top level, figure out how to get the “dashboard” and from there select a new post. That still gives me some control over the look of the thing. I suppose it, too, will disappear in the coming months, but maybe, maybe if you pay extra …



    Yes, I can’t say enough bad things about the New Post button. It does not work, it simply doesn’t work.


    The whole interface is weird, inconsistent, and poorly explained. But someone will object that it’s also free.

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