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    I am tearing my hair out! I am new to blogging, and whenever I post the visual editor never works properly. I can write up a post, adding photos and as soon as I save it and preview it all the format has gone out of sync. The only way I can remedy it is to go to text editor and fill in the html code which is missing (usually just the   code in random places – I have to preview every few seconds to see what it looks like then I when it looks right I can save it and publish. Which is a faff! and takes hours to do a post.

    However, today everytime I save it it is jumping back on to the Visual editor and knocking out all of the html code I have added. I don’t know what I am doing wrong! but blogging can’t be this hard surely?!! Please help …

    The blog I need help with is gembelina.wordpress.com.



    The code that is missing is the ‘space’ code where normally in word I would use the ‘return’ button.



    a) To display code here, you enclose it in backticks (see the note on “allowed markup”). If you write a backtick then the br code then a backtick, the result wil be this:
    <br />
    b) When you press enter in the Visual editor, the code that is actually added is a paragraph tag; when you press shift-enter, the code that is added is a br tag. In both cases the Text editor simply hides them from view.
    c) The br tag is used to create a line break, not to add space. So when you use it erroneously, for instance multiple times, it is stripped out if you switch to Visual.
    d) Adding space isn’t the right way to do what you’re looking for anyway. I understand you want left aligned images with some text next to each one of them, and you want to prevent the rest of the content from wrapping around. To do this, you need to add this code after each text:
    <div style="clear:both;"></div>



    Thanks very much! I don’t like using the text editor as I don’t know the code (although I have had to use it for every post and learn what I can) – can you recommend any books or websites I can learn the basics and beyond?
    Should I put that last code you have added in the visual editor whenever I need a line break? or should that go in the text editor?

    Thank you very much for your help.



    You’re welcome.

    You don’t like the Text editor but the arrangement you want in your last two posts is impossible to do without some coding.

    No, you don’t put that code whenever you need a line break, you put it whenever you want images with accompanying texts next to them: you add the code after each accompanying text, to make sure the next image/text pair will show up below the previous one.

    To learn the basics you can start with this article of mine:



    Ahhhh thank you very much :-) Will check it out!

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