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    Hi WP people.

    After a long run without any problems – yesterday, the Publish, save draft and preview options disappeared from the text editor for my pages.
    I have tried a few options, but no dice I’m afraid.
    If anyone can tell me how to reinstate the options I would be very grateful.

    Regards Bonny Reg

    The blog I need help with is humorousscript.wordpress.com.


    Is it just that section missing? Is there a rectangle saying “Publish” still visible. If so, click on that to expand it, and you’ll see everything again. It should be somewhere on that page, because, I don’t think you can remove it.

    If it isn’t there, then come back, and we’ll get Staff to investigate.



    Arrrr…… thank you Daniel, problem solved.
    I get in such a panic when things are not working that I forget to look and try the simple and somewhat obvious solutions.
    Regards Bonny Reg

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