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  1. perennementesloggata

    Hi, I'm sorry for disturbing you, I've a problem: I see on my blog (and also others) many text enhance and I don't like it. I'um using Windows 7 and Google Chrome: how can I get it off?
    (sorry for my bad English, I'm Italian)
    Thank you
    Blog url:

  2. 1) Click the wrench on the top left corner
    2) Go to tools
    3) Then extensions
    4) To find out which extension is the problem; open a page with a lot of text and the obvious underlined text enhances,
    5) disable all extensions and renable them one by one. Refresh the text page after renabling one of them to check which one is gone.
    6) When found remove that extension.

  3. perennementesloggata

    Thank you for your answer :)

  4. No problem!

  5. perennementesloggata

    another question: i'll do what you suggested, will it work also on others blog platform like blogspot?
    i use addblock on firefox and on chrome, but it works only on most of facebook's publicity.

  6. It has nothing to do with the blogs you are visiting, you have a bad addon in your browser that's causing the problem.

  7. perennementesloggata

    umpf, i should disinstall the browser and all the add on's?

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