Text formatting blown out on viewed blog posts

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    Ok here’s an oddity. My posts used to display in a normal fashion (ie. Times New Roman, 12 pt font). Now all my posts have random fonts and sizes and additional formatting applied to them and yet I have not edited any of these posts.

    By way of information, I tried viewing this blog through Flock (my primary browser), Firefox and IE on my WinXP machine but no joy. Have not yet tried it on my Mac.

    Viewing the HTML source in my old posts shows that the standard tag without any of the font specifications.

    Yet I just posted a new article and it has all of the formatting tags applied.

    Any ideas?






    Ok, here’s the resolution. I did a cut and paste from a Writely doc into a blog post. Somehow the tagging structure for Writely induced an error that caused the reformat of the posts below it as deleting that particular post eliminated the formatting error.

    Not exactly sure why but if anyone else uses Writely, consider this a heads-up!

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