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Text Formatting Problem

  1. When I paste a Word file into a new post it changes the formatting and I can't change it back. For instance, indented para's are lost and there is no indentation tool to put them back in, line spacings are all wrong etc... Should I be pasting PDF files? If I do will they be reproduced faithfully? Is there a 'paste special' somewhere that keeps the formatting? Thanks...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. This doc explains why you should avoid copying and pasting from Microsoft Word, and provides you with a sort of "special paste" that helps keep certain formatting:

  3. Many thanks. I'll go check it out.

  4. No use at all. Followed the instructions to strip out the code. Now paragraphs won't justify at both ends, some paragraphs get duplicated when I change them, changes get lost when I publish, font varies from para to para, bold text where I don't want it, can't right align the author details for quotes and so on and so on. Ho hum. Life's too short for this. All I want to do is put up an essay. How can that be hard? Will take a break before I go postal.

  5. This must be easy. Surely many people publish Word docs. What am I missing? What about PDFs? Do they get mangled as well?

  6. NO.

    Look, I really don't know how to say this more smoothly but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT PASTE FROM WORD.

    It will screw you up. I've seen it destroy entire blogs.

    If you want to write offline, use Windows Live Writer or something similar. IT's free and it doesn't kill your blog.

  7. If you want your paragraphs justified, etc, etc, etc, pick a theme that does that. Word processing programs don't override web design.

  8. Thanks raincoaster. So, no posting from Word. Shame all my stuff is in Word. I suppose I'll have to export it to something else (Write?) and re-edit it and then post that and then re-edit it. I didn't even realise that different themes handled text differently. I'll see if the text features are noted in the specs., but with my luck it'll be trial and error.

    It's like trying to bang in a nail with a screwdriver.

  9. If you must write in Word then past in a Plain Text then do some formatting touch up - the other option I have used is to past into a plain text editor (I use Notepad++) or save your original document as a text document - I had problems with the Past from Word early on and the font size was set to real small - I did not catch it for a while - sucked -

  10. Let's clear something up: Pasting from Word into the Visual editor is a no no. But no problem at all if you paste into the HTML editor, so that only the content will be pasted, and then format your post using the tools of the Visual editor or using HTML.

  11. @guymax
    Just in case you have not enabled this setting I'm drawing it to your attention.
    Settings > Writing > locate and enable
    ___ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically
    "Save Changes"

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