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    Text is scrambled. Does not display the way I printed it. First I did copy and paste of some text, then deleted it after it appeared scrambled (5 times), then just typed it directly, still shows up scrambled after I’ve saved it. Too much work for what should be a simple action.

    The blog I need help with is tomtrigo.wordpress.com.



    It is a simple action when you don’t use inappropriate tools! Never copypaste from other sources such as Word into the Visual editor: Word and such aren’t designed for this purpose, and they introduce code that messes things up. When you need to paste, paste via the Paste From Word button or paste into the Text editor.

    Your post has a variety of wrong bits of code that cannot all be removed automatically, so if you’re not familiar with coding the easiest solution is to delete everything and re-do the post.


    Gonna need a bit more info. Scrambled in what way? Link to example?



    Thank you justpi, good to know. I should add that copying the main body of text, 5-10 line paragraphs for ex, directly from word doc works fine every time, its the caption headings , quotes, a poem too, that I wanted to insert in between the paragraphs, that got knocked out of line and spaced further apart than I wanted them to be. With pics, I finally figured out its easiest to just add the caption inside the “caption block” on the edit pic option, rather than posting the pic and then trying to type or paste a line or two underneath it. I tried the Paste from Word option and it worked fine with one sentence , but two sentences won’t line up right and get spaced far apart, so its easy enough to just type the 2 lines in. Hope this helps for anyone reading this. And yes, just re-doing a post is like turning off the computer and rebooting, amazing how often that works! Thanks again.

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