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    Hi there,

    I know this is a ridiculously newbie question but I’ve had all the text go bold on my sidebar and older posts. I’m positive this is not from a flawed <strong> markup on a new post, it happened when I was removing a text widget from the sidebar that for some reason was sticking and I guess it left some residual code. Problem is it’s a WordPress hosted blog so I don’t have much access to css, it’s pretty much all frontend.

    I’ve cleared out the sidebar widgets & replaced them, no dice. Adding a </strong> tag before any text does correct it but of course that’s not a good fix. Any quick suggestions??


    The blog I need help with is fayesdiamondmine.wordpress.com.


    The validator shows this:

    Line 358, Column 11: Unclosed element strong.

    Should be

    See if that fixes it. If not, check for further errors.


    Well, that stripped out the strong code. You had an opening strong but no closing one. Put in a closing strong after the phone number listed.


    That was it, thanks a bunch! Odd that it had no effect until now, I published that 2 days ago. I never thought of using a validator – learn something new every day…


    We all do, that’s why I love visiting the forums, I learn so much from them and can share a tiny bit every now and then.


    Thanks for saving the day… Have a great weekend!


    You are very welcome and the same weekend to you!



    “Odd that it had no effect until now, I published that 2 days ago.”
    That’s impossible: you just hadn’t noticed it. Here’s a cached version from Sep 20:


    Sheesh, now I really feel like a blockhead; did I mention it was a crazy busy week?? I’ll have to do better next time!



    Please – I posted the above to clarify things, not to offend you or make you reply like that! When you view a page you’re very familiar with, you don’t pay attention to every detail, so it’s easy to miss a problem as long as the page looks roughly the way you’re used to: you would have certainly spotted, say, a missing sidebar right away, but a minor change in the styling of some text can easily go unnoticed (especially since bold text isn’t very prominent in the theme you’re using).



    (Sorry, obviously that was me logged in under a different account.)


    No worries, I really appreciate you pointing it out! It’s always the little snags that have you going in circles…

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