Text in italics: A becomes B, B becomes C, etc. (only certain themes)

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    In some WordPress blogs, italicized text appears illegible because A’s turn into B’s, B’s turn into C’s, etc.

    A recent example would be this post (problem occurs with the image caption, the footnotes, and the link to another post at the bottom of the page):
    http://paganperspectives.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/judgement-justification/ (using the Forever theme)

    Here’s an older one (problem occurs with the subtitle of blog, the post titles, the word “tags” but not the tags themselves, and the weekday, month and year):
    http://aheathenspath.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/death-pbp/ (using the Chateau theme)

    There is at least one other theme where I’ve seen the problem but I can’t find that one anymore. The one thing these blogs have in common is that they use themes with default-italicized bits of text. I don’t remember seeing the with text that was italicized by the writer themselves in their posts.

    However, I only have the problem when I use my computer at home. When I look at the same posts from a different computer, everything looks fine.

    I have already tried deleting all cookies since I came across this the first time, but to no avail. (I’m using Firefox 12.0 and also had the problem occur with an earlier FF version.)

    Is this a WordPress bug? A problem with my computer? And what can I do to change the letters back to normal?

    Thank you for any helpful input!



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    These are two blogs where I’ve seen the problem, although neither of them is mine:



    I don’t see what you are talking about on either one of the linked pages you reference. Can you take a screenshot, upload it to your site and then give us a link to the screenshot, and also what browser and browser version are you using? Both of those blogs are fine in Firefox and Safari.



    I’m not seeing this effect on either of those posts. I’m using a year old version of Firefox. What browser are you using (because I think it may be a browser issue)?



    Thanks for your comments!

    Partial screenshot of the first blog (shifted letters in footnotes):
    Here you can see the mouseover text for the link which “translates” the shifted letters I see to the ones that are originally there.

    Partial screenshot of the second blog (shifted letters in blog subtitle, date, post title):
    Here you can see the blog title as it appears for me and the actual title as it is shown in the tab title.

    I’m currently using Firefox 12.0 but already had the problem with the previous FF version I used (can’t remember which). I’m using the same browser at work from where everything looks fine…

    *still puzzled*



    *bump* Anyone with an idea what causes this problem and how to solve it?



    Hi there,
    I’m sorry I can’t help but I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    That looks more like a language-specific issue. Do you have any problems if you switch the blog’s language to English via Settings -> General?



    My own blog (http://tarotreading.wordpress.com – with which there is no problem) is set to English and always has been.

    However, I do have the problem described above when I try to read blogs by other people. Since they also write in English, I suppose their blogs are set to this language as well.

    Any other ideas?



    Since they also write in English, I suppose their blogs are set to this language as well.

    Possibly not. We actually have quite a few folks who do blog in English, but have their Dashboards set in their native native languages.

    Can you please provide screenshots and links for one or two of these other blogs?



    I already posted both links and screenshots, together with detailed descriptions of the problem. Please see my previous posts. (One of the blogs has now changed its theme, so the problem is gone there. But the other one is still as it was.)



    Oh, sorry about that!

    I’m definitely not seeing the problem there. I suspect you may have a corrupt font on your PC.

    Do you have access to another computer?



    I think we may finally be getting somewhere with the corrupt font idea (thanks!)… Especially since I just now discovered the same problem with a non-WordPress blog and it seems indeed to be specific to this computer.

    When I looked at the source code for that other blog, it said “font-family: Garamond” in front of the bits of text I can’t read properly.

    I’ll be off to find out how to repair corrupted fonts now since this problem obviously goes beyond WordPress… If any of you has any helpful input, feel free to share it, though!

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