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    Hello everyone… I have a blog here on wordpress and I was along time AOL user so I know how their blogs work but… I started a blog on here and I swear the text is so freaking tiny its hard to read!

    my blog is christopherjournal.wordpress.com

    I am wondering how do you make the text bigger? I mean not everyone can read a 1.x size font lol it hurts my eyes to sit there and have to read that

    Any suggestions?

    ~Christopher ~


    The text looks the proper size when I look at it in IE, Firefox and in Safari. You can increase the text size in your browser by pressing ctrl and the “+” (or cmd and the “+” key on Mac).

    You mentioned AOL, and if you are using the AOL browser, then my suggestion would be to download and use Firefox since I’ve heard of problems with the AOL browser and wordpress.

    I see a PS on your first entry asking about the bold and italic buttons. Make certain that under “my profile” in the dashboard you have selected “Use the visual editor when writing.” Again, this can be a problem with the AOL browser as well as with Safari on Mac.

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